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Updated on June 28, 2024

Next to nutrition and exercise, sleep is recognized as the third most important factor in living a healthy and stress-free life. Ask anyone who’s bought a new quality mattress in recent years and you’ll most likely listen to them rambling on how life-changing and revitalizing that experience has been.

You might think that you have to pay an arm and a leg for a good mattress, we’re here to prove you wrong. We tested and reviewed the top ten mattresses that have won us over with their amazing products and decent prices.

The Ten Best Mattresses in Australia

  1. Koala Mattress ⏤ Best Mattress Overall & Best Value For Money – GET $100 OFF WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE CODE “BEST100”
    (Valid for Calm As and Soulmate Mattresses)
  2. Emma Mattress ⏤ Best Budget-Friendly Mattress – GET AN EXTRA 5% OFF WITH EXCLUSIVE CODE “BESTVALUE5”
  3. Noa Mattress ⏤ Best Soft Mattress
  4. OneBed Mattress ⏤ Best Memory Foam Mattress
  5. Ecosa Mattress ⏤ Best Kid-Friendly Mattress
  6. ErgoFlex Mattress
  7. Eva Mattress
  8. Sleep Republic Mattress
  9. Zenna Mattress
  10. Sleeping Duck Mattress
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1. Koala Mattress – Best Mattress Overall & Best Value For Money

Koala Mattress

Get $100 off your order by using our exclusive code "BEST100" (Valid for Calm As and Soulmate Mattresses)

With over 39,000+ 5-star reviews and being Australia’s #1 most awarded mattress, it’s very clear that Koala deserves our top spot. Our beloved Australian mattress brand, Koala, has two new mattresses on the market and an upgraded version of the original model. It has also been voted for the Canstar Blue’s “Most Satisfied Customers Award” once again and we must say – it is very well deserved!  

Koala have gone above and beyond with their new mattresses, they have next generation technology that make them incredibly comfortable. They are using their Kloudcell™ Foam in all three mattresses which aids in temperature regulation making sure no matter what temperature it is outside your mattress will be at the perfect temperature.

What we really love about the Koala mattresses is the fact that they will work for almost everyone. Even those people who want to learn how to sleep when hungry might benefit from the Koala mattresses. You have the ability to modify the mattress to find what works for you. You simply just unzip it, flip it and zip it back. This means you can try both the medium-firm and firm supports to see which you like best in less than five minutes.

The Koala mattress range in our opinion is the best value for money and we highly recommend considering it. You definitely won’t need to replace this mattress any time soon and they have a 10 year warranty to further support that.


  • Mattress Type: High Quality Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium (5)
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
  • Trial period: 120 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Visit Koala

2. Emma Mattress – Best Budget-Friendly Mattress

Emma mattress is a renowned German-engineered mattress that has a global clientele in 21 countries across five continents. Although this mattress landed on the Australian market only recently, it has already won over 30 consumer awards in Europe. In June 2020, the number-one Australian consumer advocacy organization, CHOICE, awarded the Emma mattress with a Top Spot.

Emma is a medium/firm mattress with three OEKO-TEX-certified layers that promise body alignment and pressure relief. It has a “climate-regulating and elastic cover” made of “moisture-wicking fabric”, breathable bouncy foam for zero overheating and partner disturbance, up to 7 support zones to distribute the pressure evenly in every sleeping position, and supportive point-elastic foam that targets lower back pain.

The Emma Queen mattress is only $799, which makes it perfect for a tighter budget and could be the best queen mattress around. It’s also interesting that these mattresses happen to be lighter than average (28 kg for a Queen) but still provide enough body support. The main drawback, however, is that despite Emma’s eco-friendly foam, shipping the mattress overseas produces higher carbon emissions than buying a local one.

This mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.


  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Double, King Single, Queen, King

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3. Noa Mattress – Best Soft Mattress

Noa Mattress

Soft mattresses are ideal for lightweight sleepers because they exert less force on the mattress and need a softer surface that would compress enough under their weight. Side-sleepers are also keen on soft mattresses because they allow their hips and shoulders to sink in and provide better spinal alignment.

The best soft mattress on the Australian market is the Noa Mattress, another hybrid mattress that starts with a breathable Tencel pillow-top and combines comfortable open-cell latex, cooling gel memory foam for extra plushness (potentially earning a medal for the best plush mattress around.. or plushiness :)), and supportive pocket springs. All this for a very reasonable price.

Noa Home takes great care to construct safe, eco-friendly mattresses. The antibacterial removable Tencel cover and latex layer are certified by OEKO-TEX, which means they have less than 100 chemicals. The gel-infused memory foam is certified by the EU regulation REACH. The materials are low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) emissions and the foam layers have water-based adhesives that pull the heat away.

Although Noa estimates its level of firmness as a solid 7, customers on ProductReview have all reported a feeling of being hugged by the mattress which indicates an even softer surface. If you decide to have a go with this mattress, you get 100 days to make the final verdict and return it if it’s not the perfect match.


  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Firm (7)
  • Warranty: 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 120 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Double, King Single, Queen, King

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4. OneBed Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress

Onebed Mattress

The OneBed mattress is widely regarded as the best-buy for all Aussies by using the latest memory foam technology to create a mattress that works for everyone.

Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials in the last few decades because of the gentle and cozy plush feeling one gets when sleeping on such a mattress. On the other hand, memory foam can be too soft for some sleepers and cause overheating.

The OneBed mattress skirts around these challenges with its interchangeable layers, allowing customers to choose between a medium, medium-firm, or a firm top surface. The 4 cm latex layer beats the heat and encourages breathability and cooling. The viscoelastic memory foam relieves pressure and lets your body sink in, while the polyurethane foam layer provides longevity and support.

Above these three layers, there’s a practical washable cover with large comfortable polyester dimples. Like other memory foam mattresses, the combination of memory foam and latex allowed OneBed to pass the “wine glass” test, which makes this mattress a great choice for couples, especially if one of them is a light sleeper whose sleep gets easily disturbed.

Another advantage of the OneBed mattress is that it’s one of the rare mattresses available on the Australian market that’s compatible with an adjustable bed base. Who wouldn’t like sleeping on a reclining bed from time to time?

Unlike other mattresses in a box, OneBed has a 15-year warranty and a 125-night trial.


  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 125 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

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5. Ecosa Mattress – Best Kid-Friendly Mattress

Ecosa Mattress

We want our kids to feel comfortable and to stay properly aligned during their sleep, which is why it can be a challenge to find the right mattress for our children. One thing that makes the Ecosa mattress suitable for young sleepers is the extra breathable pincore holes that wick away excess heat and allow the air to flow freely. Children tend to warm up more in the deeper stages of sleep, but with Ecosa, night sweats will become a thing of the past.

In addition, parents with young children needn’t worry about bedwetting and spilled drinks any longer thanks to Ecosa’s waterproof cover. The cover also has microfilaments to protect your child from bacteria and dust mites.

Under the waterproof inner cover, there are three layers of foam. First, there’s a layer of G-7 Gel memory foam infused with gel particles that keep the temperature under control. Then there’s the ergonomic support foam for spine alignment and minimum disturbance on nights when you’re helping your child fall asleep. Finally, a breathable ECO-Tex foam followed by the washable Tencel cover.

In case your child struggles to adapt to his/her new mattress, you’ll get a full refund within the 100-night trial and the company will make sure the mattress gets donated. The above-average warranty of 15 years is also worth mentioning.

In the end, you’ll end up liking Ecosa so much that you’ll want one for yourself as well. Luckily, the Ecosa mattress comes in different sizes and even has a luxurious and spacious Super King Mattress, definitely a contender for the best king mattress once we get a comparison for that type going.


  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
  • Warranty: 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King

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6. ErgoFlex Mattress – Best for Back Sleepers

Ergoflex Mattress

ErgoFlex was the first mattress in a box that landed on the Australian market in 2010. A few years back, in 2006, the company launched its product with the ambitious goal to compete against the world-famous TEMPUR® mattresses. This also means the company has been in business longer than its 10-year warranty!

We believe their ErgoFlex 5G mattress delivers in spades when it comes to firmness and spine alignment – two crucial mattress qualities if you’re a back sleeper. To provide the ideal hip and shoulders support, a mattress has to be firm above all. The ErgoFlex 5G has a 9 cm top layer of their signature high-density viscoelastic memory foam, a foam with an impressive thickness that contours and cradles the sleeper’s body.

The Cool-Sleep Airflow layer regulates the temperature and ventilation and sits on another 9 cm high-resilience foam base that provides the main support and longevity. Back sleepers need a mattress that can cushion their pressure points which is right up ErgoFlex’s alley. “Ideal for sufferers of back pain, fibromyalgia, circulation problems or joint complaints”, stands on their website.

ErgoFlex is recommended by practitioners for the health benefits the mattress brings. Many top level athletes have chosen it as their preferred mattress due to the great sleep quality.


  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 30 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen Size, King Size

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7. Eva Mattress – Best for Hot Sleepers

Eva Mattress

When you take into account that this summer was Australia’s second-warmest summer on record, it really isn’t surprising that Aussies are looking for a mattress that would keep them cool during the night.

Our recommendation for warm sleepers is the Eva mattress, a hybrid mattress with breathable construction that maintains the perfect temperature. The top layer of the mattress has a gel-infused memory foam that redistributes the heat, followed by an open-cell latex foam that provides sufficient support and relieves back pain. The third layer is a dense foam that gives medium to high firmness. On a scale from 1 to 10, Eva stands at 7-8. The mattress has 5 zone pocket springs and has been complimented on minimizing motion transfer.

The robust edge support prevents sinking and sagging while the strong side handles make the job of carrying or rotating the mattress a lot easier. The Eva mattress comes in five sizes and at $900 for a Queen, this mattress proves that you don’t have to spend a king’s ransom to restore your sleep.

You can order this mattress online and get an impressive 12-year warranty with a 120-night trial. They also offer next day delivery in major Australian cities.


  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 12 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 365 days
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Visit Eva

8. Sleep Republic Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress

Sleep Republic Mattress

Another Australian favourite, the Sleep Republic mattress won the “Best Overall” mattress in a box in 2020. The harmonious combination of cashmere, latex, memory foam, and pockets springs makes it impossible not to fall in love with this hybrid mattress.

The Sleep Republic has thought of everything – from the aesthetical appeal and next-level softness of its cashmere cover, the gel-infused memory foam that hugs the contours of your body, and natural latex layer for increased breathability and airflow, to the dynamic edge support with protective steel strings and up to 2,250 pocket springs distributed over 5 body zones for you and your co-sleeper.

User reviews report the mattress has changed their quality of sleep and improved their back pain. The majority say it’s the perfect combination of support and softness, so in terms of firmness, it’s a medium/firm.

The Sleep Republic has a same-day delivery for major Australian cities. It offers a 100-night trial and a 12-year warranty. It’s certified as non-toxic by CertiPUR-US®, a global authority in foam and fabric testing. The Sleep Republic Mattress comes in 6 sizes (Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King).


  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 12 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King

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9. Zenna Mattress – Best Latex Mattress

Zenna Mattress

Latex mattresses are hailed for their comfort, durability, and firmness, and that’s exactly what makes them perfect for both stomach and back sleepers. The winner in our best latex mattress category is the Zenna Mattress.

Zenna is an eco-friendly mattress solution because its natural latex is biodegradable, coming from the sap of rubber trees, and free of any harsh chemicals. That’s how Zenna earned its OEKO-TEX certificate. If you’re prone to allergic reactions, this hypoallergenic mattress is made for you.

Zenna’s latex is highly dense and solid providing superior comfort and quality. This mattress has one-of-a-kind heat-wicking breathability that cools you down in the summer. However, if you like medium or soft mattresses that tend to hug the body, Zenna is bound to disappoint you.

There’s no doubt that the Zenna mattress is quite heavier, denser, firmer, and more durable than other latex mattresses, but it’s also more expensive. A Queen size mattress costs around $1,500. It’s up to you to do the math and decide whether or not it’s worth its weight in gold.


  • Mattress Type: Latex
  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, Single Long, King Single, Double, Queen, King

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10. Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping Duck mattress is a highly regarded mattress in Australia. The Melbourne-based company launched its product in 2014 and has since then received an “innovative product design” award from Good Design, has been reviewed as a top-rated product by CHOICE three years in a row, and recommended by Shark Tank.

However, nothing speaks louder of the quality of the Sleeping Duck mattress than the number of positive customer reviews. Over 3,500 customers gave this mattress 5 stars on What they liked best was the coziness, comfort, and the overall good value for money.

In terms of firmness, Sleeping Duck is a class of its own! You can choose between medium, firm, and – wait for it! – half and half mattress. You can actually order one firm half and one medium half to meet the preference of both you and the person sharing the bed with you… probably earning the title of the best firm mattress on this list for this feature.

Sleeping Duck’s 5 zone pocket springs translate to superior comfort while the Bamboo cover makes the mattress more breathable and soft to touch. The local Hyper-Adaptive foam is eight times more breathable than latex or memory foam and has been approved by CEGA. Customers have reported pain relief and body adjustability although a few have complained about heat retention.

This mattress in a box can be ordered online and comes in five sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King. There’s a 100-night trial period during which you’re free to change your mind and order a different mattress with no extra charge.


  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

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The Best Mattresses Compared

CompanyPrice RangeMattress TypeFirmnessWarrantyTrial PeriodAvailable SizesWebsite


koala mattress logo
$759 to $1,299FoamMedium (5)10 Year Warranty120 nightsSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King


emma mattress logo

$644 to $964FoamMedium Firm (6)10 Year Warranty100 nightsSingle, Double, King Single, Queen, King


NOA Mattress logo

$899 to $1,299HybridFirm (7)15 Year Limited Warranty 120 nightsSingle, Double, King Single, Queen, King


onebed mattress logo

$899 to $1,399FoamMedium Firm (6)15 Year Limited Warranty 125 nightsSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King


ecosa mattress logo

$800 to $1,650FoamMedium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)15 Year Limited Warranty 100 nightsSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King


ErgoFlex mattress logo

$999 to $1,849FoamMedium Firm (6)10 Year Limited Warranty 30 nightsSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen Size, King Size


eva mattress logoa

$750 to $1,150HybridMedium Firm (6)12 Year Limited Warranty 365 daysSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King


Sleep Republic
sleep republic mattress logo

$799 to $1,799HybridMedium Firm (6)12 Year Limited Warranty 100 nightsSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King


zenna mattress logo

$1,095 to $1,895LatexMedium Firm (6)25 Year Limited Warranty 100 nightsSingle, Single Long, King Single, Double, Queen, King


Sleeping Duck
Sleeping Duck mattress logo

$999 to $1,999FoamMedium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)10 Year Limited Warranty 100 nightsSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King


How to Choose a Mattress?

Now that you know our top picks, we thought it would be helpful to share some mattress criteria to keep in mind when making your final decision. 


Breathability is a crucial quality in every mattress because it provides unobstructed airflow and wicks away moisture, keeping the mattress cool and dry throughout the night. This is especially important for Aussies who have to survive the high summer temperatures. During the night, our bodies heat up and perspire, so a high-quality mattress should be able to absorb the heat and moisture while still remaining firm and bouncy. Gel-infused mattress toppers or bamboo covers can make your bed more breathable too.

Pressure Relief

A mattress needs the right firmness level to provide pressure relief and sufficient support, especially for people with bad backs, hips, and shoulders. Even though you should take into consideration your height, weight, age, body temperature, and favorite sleeping position to find a good mattress, all types of mattresses should offer sound support for your pressure points and keep your spine well-aligned.

Sleep position

Finding the best mattres for side sleepers isn’t too hard. If you sleep on your side, you should opt for mattresses that have thick comfort layers so that hips and shoulders can sink deeper into the bed and not get strained. Back sleepers, on the other hand, need a medium mattress to provide both comfort and spine alignment, while stomach sleepers should go for a firmer mattress.

Trial Duration

Trial runs are a valuable option, especially when it comes to buying mattresses online. The industry average is 100-125 days during which you’re free to change your mind and return the mattress. Don’t worry, you’ll get a full refund too.


We really like mattresses that offer customizable levels of firmness, such as the Sleeping Duck mattress which can be ordered half and half in case you and your co-sleeper can’t settle on one firmness level. However, you can always get a quality Australian mattress topper or mattress protector for extra comfort.

Arguably, part of the customisation aspect would be if the mattress brand also offers different high-quality bed frames for your mattress. Ideally, these would available in all sizes, so you have the choice between queen, single, double, and king bed frames.


When researching the mattresses, not all companies’ websites were straightforward about the materials they use for the mattresses, and how and where they’re made and manufactured. In our eyes, transparency is crucial, even more so if you’re purchasing a mattress via their website. Some customers buy only eco-friendly products, so brands should be open about their designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a mattress in a box?

A “mattress in a box” or “bed in a box” is a regular mattress that has been compressed and shrunk by special machinery in order to be shipped in a cardboard box. This type of packaging makes purchasing a mattress more straightforward and economical and allows customers to carry the mattress into their bedroom without a problem.

Nowadays you can avoid the hassle of going from one showroom or retail store to another to take a look at different mattresses in person, and instead browse the mattress brands’ catalogs online and order the one you like with free delivery. Once you unbox it, the mattress will decompress within a couple of hours.

Most of these manufactures offer a free trial period, so you always have the option to return the mattress and receive a full refund. The standard box trial period is 100 nights. Online mattress companies cut the middleman which reduces the price of the mattress. There are no extra costs for salespeople and rent.

After all, we’re living in the era of click and mortar!

Should you buy a mattress online?

Buying a mattress online has its own perks and downsides. On the one hand, online purchases are less time-consuming and less expensive (no sales tax and delivery costs). You don’t have to drive all across town to find the perfect mattress as your options are available online with just a few website clicks. Online companies usually deliver the mattresses within 3 to 4 days at their expense. Some even offer same-day delivery for major Australian cities.

Even though there’s no room for a tryout, mattress manufacturers typically include a 100-night trial. During this time, you can decide whether the mattress ticks all your boxes. If not, you can return it for a full refund. Moreover, some manufacturers like the Sleeping Duck, for example, offer mattresses with customizable firmness.

What’s the difference between a pocket spring and an innerspring mattress?

Traditional innerspring mattresses have a network of interconnected coils as the main support structure to relieve pressure and increase the mattress’s durability. Pocket spring systems are individual springs stitched into the cloth and placed under the padding and memory foam or latex. They provide extra movement and body contouring. The more pocket springs, the higher the comfort.

While both mattresses provide support, the pocket spring mattress offers better pressure relief because the coils can move independently under the sleeper’s body weight and pressure. It’s a great option for people struggling with back pain and side sleepers because their hips and shoulders will sink in properly. Although pocket spring mattresses tend to be more expensive, they’re worth their value. Apart from the pocket spring system, these mattresses invest in their top layer of foam or/and latex for the ultimate sleeping experience.

What type of mattress is best for stomach sleepers?

Sleeping on your stomach is a tricky position because it flattens the natural curve of your spine and puts pressure on those muscles and joints. You also have to turn your neck which strains your neck and upper back. Therefore, when looking for a comfortable mattress, you should choose one that provides spinal support, contours the body, and has enough pushback to prevent sinking into the mattress.

In addition, a quality mattress should have a softer, plushier memory foam layer or pillow-top to prevent discomfort. As a stomach sleeper, you need a mattress with a medium firmness to keep your hips and midsection from pushing into the mattress and causing spine misalignment.

What’s the difference between Tempur and other memory foams?

Tempur is the name given to the first type of memory foam manufactured by Tempur-Pedic, developed under a NASA contract in the ‘70s to be used as extra cushioning for astronauts in space crafts. The Tempur foam entered the consumer market in the ‘90s and became a household name. The Tempurpedic foam is only different from the regular memory foam in that it has stood the test of time and has been refined by the brand’s scientists. Newly developed memory foams might be just as good but they don’t have proof as Tempur does.

Tempur uses different viscoelastic polyurethane foams in its mattress construction to create different levels of comfort. The foams vary in thickness to provide better airflow and breathability. Tempur as well as memory foam in general has been criticized for heat retention which is why newer models focus on solving this problem.

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