Dusk and Dawn Mattress Review 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

Despite all the technological innovation and prowess we witness nowadays, sometimes it’s difficult to find a better way than the traditional one. An example of that might be found in the world of mattresses: yes, there are all those novel and great materials used in the making of mattresses that add to their comfort and quality, but nothing can yet beat the efficiency of wool. 

Thankfully, people working for Dusk & Dawn know that too and they use Australian wool in each and every one of their mattresses. With the natural insulation provided by the wool, all the hybrid mattresses they have on offer enjoy a natural breathability, which allows the sleeper to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Below, I am going to provide a further breakdown of all the three GECA-certified Dusk & Dawn mattress options and give you full reviews, so that you can decide which one suits your needs and preferences the best without you needing to dive in the comments sections of online retailers.

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Dusk & Dawn Mattresses Reviewed In-Depth

Dusk & Dawn Essential Review

Works best for:

  • Those who are on a tighter budget
  • Kids and youngsters

Although we all have come to understand the word “essential” under a new light (and rightly so) during the pandemic, it still means that a product has the essential components when a company dubs it so. The budget option of Dusk & Dawn is no exception to that trend, but given the advancement of sleep sciences and technologies, I can also easily say that it’s one of the most decent Australian-made mattress models that you can find in its price range.

As I mentioned in the introduction, it’s made with Aussie wool. Due to the breathability of natural wool, the Essential won’t make you suffer from bad airflow or its unruly consequences. Its high density comfort foam layer and comfort-stretch top layer will offer enough temperature regulation for you to sleep comfortably no matter the season, and the outer perimeter pocket springs will ensure firm edge support.

Moreover, if you worry about the viruses and bacteria found in mattresses, you can rest assured. The Virase® Clean Sleeping Environment featured in all the Dusk & Dawn mattresses is a new antiviral technology that keeps your sleeping environment healthy and hygienic all the time.

Size Options Available for the Dusk & Dawn Essential mattress: King, Queen, Super King, Double, King Single, Single. (They are all available in “comfy medium” and “firm support” firmness options.)

Dusk & Dawn Premiere Review

Works best for:

  • Couples
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Those who value their comfort more than anything
  • Those who suffer from neck/back aches

The Premiere is the mid-range product of the company and it offers great value for your money. Though it will never be the best mattress on the market, it’s still pretty awesome. It’s made of high-quality materials and it will provide enough comfort as well as pain and pressure relief.

It features all the attributes of the Essential above such as Aussie wool, layers that ensure utmost comfort as well as great support, and Virase® Clean Sleeping Environment. But the Premiere takes it a step further with high-density comfort foam – but this time with a transitional feel, and an edge support that optimizes the comfort and quality of its surface area.

The Premiere also offers minimal motion transfer and partner disturbance, making it the best mattress for couples in Australia. This is all thanks to the high-quality pocket springs (we’ll delve in more details in the guide).

This mattress is a good choice if you experience body aches, too. Its ISO Coil 5 Pocket Spring System doesn’t only provide good support, but it also provides excellent pressure relief and contouring.

Premiere comes in two firmness options: medium-firm and firm.

Size Options Available for the Dusk & Dawn Premiere Mattress: King, Queen, Super King, Double, King Single, Single. (They are all available in “comfy medium” and “firm support” firmness options.)

Dusk & Dawn Signature Review

Works best for:

  • Couples
  • Those who demand the optimum quality possible
  • Those who are ready to splurge on a mattress

What would a company aim for if they named their product “signature”? The answer to this question is unsurprisingly simple: they would like the product in question to be their signature creation – the one they want to be associated with. And I can see how it could be the case for the Signature as it is completely worthy of being the company’s jewel.

This hybrid mattress is designed in quite a complex manner: it has all the features of the Premiere above with a number of extra features thrown into the mix, making it one of the highest quality mattresses not only in Australia, but probably all over the world.

What are those extra features, you ask?

For starters, the Premium Dusk & Dawn Outer Fabric Shell endows the mattress with an inimitable and undeniable look of luxury. Don’t get me wrong, though – not only is the fabric shell good-looking, but it’s also pretty durable and will surely prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

In the Signature, the Aussie wool is aided and abetted by silk – I’ve been talking about luxury, right? This blend of wool and silk is softer than wool alone, and it provides ultimate comfort and insulation. Silk also adds a level of lightness to the blend, so the Signature is more lightweight than its counterparts.

What’s more, the mattress has an ISO Coil Mini: 5 Zone Mini Pocket System, a pocket box, and a power edge box. The first two are great for body support, contouring, and pressure relief as they reduce the number of pressure points. The power edge box is a design that contributes to the already great edge support of the mattress and adds to its firmness.

Of course, all this luxury comes at a higher price. But, as I said, if your priority is maximum comfort, I can’t think of a better option for your bedroom.

Size Options Available for the Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress: King, Queen, Super King, Double, King Single, Single. (They are all available in “comfy medium” and “firm support” firmness options.)

Dusk & Dawn Mattresses Performance Review

Motion Isolation

The main component of all the mattresses reviewed above is gel-infused memory foam, and if there is one thing gel-infused memory foam is known for, it’s efficient motion isolation. In addition to that, all three of the Dusk & Dawn mattresses feature an ISO Coil 5 Zone Pocket Spring System. The pockets in this spring system are independent, which means there is very little contact between them. That reduction of contact also means the movements will not be carried across the mattress. So, when you or your partner leave the bed in the middle of the night to brood on the balcony or veranda, you can rest assured that the other party will know nothing of it.

Body Support

The pocket spring system is not only good for isolating motion – it also contributes to the coil support as the five zones where the pockets are placed are specifically designed to be supported areas of your body that the sleep sciences deem to be the most demanding and sensitive.

And that’s the case for only the Essential. If you opt for the Premiere or the Signature, you’ll get even more body support from your mattress because they also feature an additional power edge support, utilizing almost every inch of the mattress surface for this purpose.

You are probably thinking: “Oh, the Signature has even more than that, right? Right?” and you are right. It would be unthinkable if the super-premium Signature didn’t have another extra feature – the comfort layer of a mini pocket system designed for maximizing contouring and support.

In short, if you are one of those who suffer from back and neck aches during or after your sleep, all these options will at least do a decent job, but the more you pay, the more comfort you’ll get.

Heat Retention & Air Circulation

Natural wool is a great insulator which will create little or no problem when it comes to temperature regulation. But wool alone was apparently not enough for the great minds behind the design since the mattresses have more attributes that help with airflow.

One such feature is the Eco-Air Comfort Technology that embellishes the mattresses with more breathability. Thanks to it, your body will know little about the hot Australian summer outside during sleep and remain cool. Moreover, the open-cell structure of the high-density and high-resilience comfort foam included in these mattresses will let the air flow and allow you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Conceivably, the Signature holds an advantage over its siblings in this aspect, too: it has a layer of Graph-Tek Italian Made Graphite Mineral Comfort Foam. It’s specifically designed to maximize airflow and it will surely deliver on that promise.


I have already given enough plaudits for the coil support and the pocket spring systems of these mattresses, so you can guess that they will support you no matter what position you prefer.

Of course, as it is mostly the case, wear-and-tear might get to the cheapest option more easily than to the others, and once they are worn, those springs and coils will be making more noise than you. But that’s why I recommend the Premiere or the Signature for couples and the Essential for kids.

Hygienic Properties

One thing I really, really liked about how Dusk & Dawn carries out their business is the emphasis they put on hygiene. The featured Virase® Clean Sleeping Environment is a textile with a unique formula that minimizes the presence of viral and bacterial activities within the boundaries of the mattress, thus ensuring a clean and healthy environment for us to sleep in.

The Graph-Tek comfort foam of the Signature takes that one step further. It has antimicrobial properties, and even without you having to clean the mattress frequently, it ensures a healthy and hygienic sleep. So, if you vividly imagine viruses, microbes, and bacteria marching hand-in-hand through your nose and mouth when you are at your most vulnerable (that is, during sleep), you can take a deep breath of relief with the Signature.

Services Provided by the Company: Warranty, Trial, Delivery, Website, and Other Goods


There is no warranty information for any of the Dusk & Dawn mattresses, but they come with a 100 days of comfort guarantee, during which, should you express dissatisfaction with the product, you’ll be refunded.


The company makes all their sales online, and they don’t have a showroom where you could just hop onto mattresses, jump up and down, and draw a couple of raised eyebrows, but they offer a 100 nights of sleep trial, which will be more than enough for anyone to get used to a new mattress.

If you somehow don’t like it, you can return it after 30 days of trial, but no less. The company won’t believe you had an adequate experience with their mattress unless you’ve slept on it for at least 30 days.


Dusk & Dawn delivers to those who live near the metro areas throughout Australia for free. When it comes to regional areas, they will charge a $150 flat rate for delivery.

Those living in cities can expect a 7-10 days of delivery time, while those who reside in the regional areas are not that lucky: the delivery of their mattress might take up to two weeks, depending on the conditions.


I really like the company website. It includes breakdown of all the key features of their mattresses as well as certificates and awards that the mattresses have earned. Moreover, you can compare and contrast the mattresses based on their features without even leaving the page or opening up a new tab.

Their FAQs section is also quite efficient. There is a clear-cut answer for every question you can think of.

Other Goods

  • Your old frame might not be equipped to carry your new mattress. Lucky you, though, the bed base the company showcases on their website will be a great match for your mattress.
  • I mentioned back and neck pains during sleep because they are the main reason why people want to get a high-quality mattress, but the problem is not always the old mattress. Sometimes, you might need to get a new pillow as well, and Dusk & Dawn offer three pillow options, all of which provide support, comfort, and luxury.

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