How Long Is a Twin Sheet?

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Updated on February 16, 2023

Buying a new bed sheet for your mattress is far more than just deciding on the fabric, pattern, color, cloth, and texture. It’s pointless to buy a bed sheet that has the perfect texture, color, and pattern if it doesn’t fit your mattress.

Generally, bed sheets have slight size variations. This depends on the brand, so even though you’re buying twin sheets for your twin bed, sometimes they might not fit your bed as well as you wanted. While it’s quite okay for your flat and comforter sheets to be a couple of centimeters/inches bigger, your fitted bed sheets should match your mattress perfectly so your fitted bed sheet doesn’t fall off or bunch.

If you have a twin bed but don’t know what size sheets you should get, you’re in the right place. What size is twin sheet? Twin fitted sheets have dimensions of 75 inches X 39 inches.

Don’t go away because we’ll talk about bed sheets in general, including the types of sheets, bedding material, and also twin xl sheets dimensions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to measure your mattress in order to buy the perfect bed sheet size.

Twin Size Bed Sheets

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Twin size mattresses and sheets are commonly used for teens, college dorm rooms, and children. Twin beds are also a perfect solution for adult sleepers that have limited space.

The mattress dimensions for a standard twin bed size is 190.5 centimeters or 75 inches (length), 96.5 centimeters or 38 inches (width), and the mattress depth depends on your choice of mattress and the manufacturer.

Different Twin Sheet Size

Twin fitted sheets usually have the following dimensions: 109.5 centimeters or 75 inches (L), 99 centimeters or 39 inches (W), and you can choose pocket depths from standard to extra deep (we’ll explain this a little bit later).

If you’re buying a twin flat sheet size should be 244 centimeters or 96 inches (L) by 168 centimeters or 66 inches (W). The dimensions of a twin bed skirt should be: 190.5 centimeters or 75 inches (L) by 96.5 centimeters or 38 inches (W).

The dimensions of a twin duvet cover should be: 244 centimeters or 96 inches (L) by 182.5 centimeters or 72 inches (W).

Extra Long Twin Sheets Dimensions

Twin XL beds are usually used in college dorms because they can fit in any bedroom, suit the height of taller college students, and are compatible with bunk beds. Despite the name, the extra-long twin mattress is too long for a twin fitted sheet. However, you can use a twin flat sheet if needed.

The mattress dimensions for an extra long twin bed are: 96.5 centimeters or 38 inches (W), 203 centimeters or 80 inches (L), and the mattress depth depends on your choice of mattress and the manufacturer.

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The twin XL fitted sheet has the following dimensions: 203 centimeters or 80 inches (L), 99 centimeters or 39 inches (W), and you can choose the pocket depths from standard to extra deep pocket (we’ll explain this a little bit later).

If you’re buying a twin XL flat sheet the dimensions should be: 244 centimeters or 96 inches (L), 168 centimeters or 66 inches (W).

The dimensions of the twin XL bed skirt should be: 203 centimeters or 80 inches (L), 96.5 centimeters or 38 inches (W).

The dimensions of a twin XL duvet cover should be: 244 centimeters or 96 inches (L), 182.5 centimeters or 72 inches (W).

How to Measure the Bed Sheet Size You Need?

If you still aren’t sure whether a twin bed sheet or twin XL bed sheet will match your mattress after looking through all the standard bed sheet sizes, you can measure its dimensions and figure it out.

But, how to measure your mattress? Well, first you need to strip the bed sheets and measure the mattress length, width, and depth including the mattress pad if you have one. Then, write the dimensions down.

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Compare the measurements of your mattress with the dimensions of the bed sheet. If the bed sheet sizes are equal to or a little bit larger than your mattress sizes, the bed sheet will match perfectly.

Types of Bed Sheets

Before you shop for a new bed sheet, you also need to know the types of bed sheets you can buy. There are four types of bed sheets: fitted sheets, flat bed sheets, duvet covers, and bed skirts.

Fitted Sheets

Basically, a fitted sheet is an elastic linen bed sheet that fits firmly around your mattress. This way, the fitted bed sheet offers you comfort and keeps your mattress clean. Fitted bed sheets have three dimensions: pocket depth, width, and length.

If you’re experiencing problems with keeping your fitted bed sheet snuggly on the mattress, the pocket depth is probably too small. You may find this problem if you own a thick mattress.

Standard pocket depth ranges from 17.5 to 30 centimeters (7-12 inches). However, if your mattress is a little bit thicker or you have a pillow top or mattress toppers, you might need a fitted bed sheet with a deep pocket. Its dimensions can be from 32.5 to 42.5 centimeters (13-17 inches). A fitted bed sheet with an extra deep pocket ranges from 45 to 62.5 centimeters (18-25 inches).

Flat Sheets

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Flat bed sheets are straightforward. Simply put, they sit between your body and the duvet or comforter. While you don’t need to use flat bed sheets, they might make quite a difference between feeling chilly and overheating. If you are one of those who need an additional layer to stay cool and covered at the same time, a flat sheet is mandatory.

A flat bed sheet fits your mattress if it drapes over the mattress corners and it’s easy to put it under your mattress.

Duvet Covers

A duvet is a thick blanket that is filled with down, wool, synthetic fabrics, silk, or feathers. Every duvet needs to have a duvet cover sheet that you’ll be able to take off and wash. Duvet generally lies on the top of your bed and drapes a little over the mattress edge.

Bed Skirts

A bed skirt sheet is the one you wrap around the bottom of your mattress. A bed skirt is designed to cover the space between the floor and your mattress. This way you’ll be able to hide the box springs and any item that is hiding underneath your bed in storage.

Fabric Types of Bed Sheets

There are several types of fabrics for bed sheets, so we’ll present you some of them and you’re welcome to choose the most suitable for you:

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Cotton Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are cool, soft, breathable, and wick humidity away from the skin. You can find cotton bed sheets made from synthetic and natural cotton, so choosing either depends only on your sleeping preferences. A bed sheet made from synthetic cotton is more affordable and durable, while on the other hand, the bed sheets made from natural cotton are much more comfortable.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets have a justifiable fabulous reputation. Egyptian cotton is maybe the most luxurious fabric because of its extreme qualities. The difference between Egyptian cotton and ordinary cotton is that Egyptian cotton is made from extra-long fibers that give a very particular softness to this fabric.

Satin Sheets

white satin sheets

These sheets can be made from different types of materials, such as wool, polyester, or cotton. Satin sheets tend to be high quality because of their ultra-soft feeling and shiny appearance. These bed sheets are good for keeping you warm during cold nights. However, satin sheets also have a downside as they are quite hard to maintain and their durability is not as good.

Sateen Sheets

Sateen bed sheets are quite similar to satin bed sheets, but they are quite easy to care for and are quite durable. Sateen sheets are made of cotton and other natural materials. What sets them apart is that they are woven in a special way which gives these bed sheets durability and exceptional shine.

Percale Sheets

Percale sheets are made from firmly woven silk, polyester, or cotton. Percale sheets are different from standard sheets because of their weave style. These sheets are quite durable and offer a luxurious feeling.


A Few Words Before You Go…

If you weren’t sure if a particular twin sheet will fit your bed, we hope that we’ve helped you clear up the confusion. Factors such as the dimensions of the sheet, the type of the sheet, and the fabric that the sheet is made of are crucial when choosing a proper twin sheet. Moreover, we also provided plenty of alternatives for sheets if you have a twin bed, so you’ll certainly be able to find something that fits your bed.

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