How To Break In A Mattress

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Updated on February 16, 2023

On average, people spend about 26 years sleeping in their lifetime and about seven years trying to obtain a good night’s sleep. That is why making sure we love our mattresses is so critical to improving our overall lifestyle.

When it comes to comfort, you should never have to compromise on anything.

So, if you have a new mattress that does not instantly feel comfortable, rather than give up, try some of our tips on how to break in a mattress quicker. Some of the different ways can depend on the type of mattress as well.

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Some of the methods are: finding a new bed frame, letting the mattress off-gas, rolling or crawling on the bed, sleeping on it every night, adjusting the room temperature, and waiting out the adjustment period.

So, lie down on your bed and read on to find out more!

How Long Does It Take To Break In A Mattress?

Most mattress sellers offer a 30-day trial period for a new mattress, which is about the same amount of time that it typically takes to break them in (sometimes up to 90 days at most).

The amount of time it takes to break in a new mattress depends on the mattress materials or what type of bed you bought:

Memory Foam/Hybrid (Longest Time)

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If you have a new memory foam mattress or hybrid, it will take you a comparatively longer break in period because of the amount of density they contain. High-density memory foam is heavier and has more layers than low-density memory foam. Thus, a longer break-in process.

At best, consider trying your new cushion out for about two months before giving up hope on your memory foam and hybrid mattress.

Latex (Shortest Time)

Latex is a popular material used in higher-end luxury mattresses due to its comfort and durability. It has the shortest breaking-in period of any mattress type, usually taking two to 14 days for the mattress to adjust to your body shape and weight.

The exact time it takes for a latex mattress to break in depends on whether it is made from synthetic or real latex, as well as if it is 100% latex or a hybrid.

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Synthetic latex tends to have a shorter breaking-in period than natural latex, while hybrid mattresses may take longer due to their combination of materials. During the break in time, you may experience some initial discomfort as your body adjusts to the new mattress.

However, this should subside after a few days and you should begin to feel more comfortable with each night’s sleep.

After the breaking-in period is complete, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with sleeping on a high quality latex mattress such as improved spinal alignment and pressure relief.

Instant Comfort: InnerSpring

However, innerspring mattresses usually have lower durability than memory-foam types. So, you may need to turn the entire bed around to switch the head-end and the foot-end. It can be every 90 days or twice a year.

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However, innerspring mattresses tend to wear out faster than memory-foam types. So, you may need to turn the entire bed around to switch the head-end and the foot-end. It can be every 90 days or twice a year.

Tips On How To Break A Mattress In

It goes without saying that patience and perseverance are essentially the answers to becoming well adjusted to your new mattress. However, if you are experiencing significant discomfort sleeping every night on the new bedding, then here are several common and practical tips for the breaking in process:

Find A Compatible Bed Frame

When considering how to break in a new mattress, the bed frame is often overlooked. However, it serves as a vital part of helping you get better sleep.

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So, check the foundation of the bed before making any phone calls. If you have a spring mattress, box springs are more compatible. Alternatively, memory foam and hybrid mattresses are best on top of a raised surface or platform base.

If you already have a compatible base for your new mattress, try checking for damage in the foundation. Look for signs of sagging or tears underneath. Even with a few defects in the bed frame, this may go a long way in preventing you from sleeping well.

We recommend getting a new bottom frame as it can help you break in your mattress sooner.

Avoid Sleeping on Your New Mattress for Two Days

A new mattress usually needs some time to expand. So, as tempting as it may be, try to avoid flopping down on your new bed right away and give it 24 to 72 hours to “breathe.”

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Online mattresses need especially more time to expand because they are usually compressed tight in a box when shipped to your door. Generally, it may take five hours to 12 hours for the online mattress to loosen up fully.

When you lie down on your new mattress right after unfolding it, your weight may influence the mattress’s ability to expand. Therefore, this can slow down the break-in process.

Plus, if you do have any spare bedding, try sleeping there for the first night or two and avoid sleeping on your new mattress.

Roll or Crawl Around

When lying on your new mattress, your body weight will apply pressure to it and, thus, naturally, help break it in. However, to slightly speed up the break-in process, you can roll around, walk, jump, or crawl around on the surface.

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When doing these, make sure to move around onto every sleeping surface, especially helpful for a memory foam bed and latex mattress. With springs or hybrids, crawl on these types of mattresses because your hands and knees’ pressure will help distribute your weight evenly.

Also, doing so for several minutes each day can help to inflate the mattress quickly. Heck, let other people in on the fun!

Sleep on It Regularly

Although it may feel uneasy to sleep on your new bedding, you must sleep on it every night to truly break it in.

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Ditch the couch, floor, or old mattress and embrace the challenge of discomfort for at least those first one or two months. Many people can quickly think of sleeping somewhere else where they’re more comfortable, but this doesn’t speed up the break-in mattress.

You have invested in a potentially great bed, and with it comes the cost of having to wait and let your body adjust to it. So, the key here is consistency; sleeping on it every night is the most effective solution. You have to see it through.

Warm the Bedroom

If you are trying to break in memory foam or a hybrid mattress, one of the quickest ways to do so is to turn up your heater.

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Because the memory foam material is sensitive to heat, warm air can help to soften it more. Your body heat can also influence the soft mattress.

Otherwise, in a cool room, the mattress tends to be firmer. So, try changing the room temperature to about 70 degrees to help you break into your bed quicker.

Wait Out the Trial Period

Patience is indeed a virtue. If you experienced significant discomfort with your new mattress and bought it from a company requiring a 30-day trial period, it is still recommended for you to wait out the first 30 nights of little sleep.

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Mattress companies recognize the importance of getting used to a new mattress. This is why most brands offer a month of trial and do not accept a return or exchange until after the trial period. Some may even provide in-home sleep trials.

If you do not have the patience, try consulting with the manufacturer to arrange better options. Or find other mattress sellers that do not provide trial periods.



As with all new experiences, it takes time to build a high comfort level. For a new mattress, it is common to feel uneasy during the first few weeks, but it is not impossible to break it in or get used to it. We hope our practical tips can help your body adjust quickly to your new mattress.

However, if you end up picking a new replacement or have yet to buy a new mattress and want to make sure you will instantly be comfortable with it, then consider reading the Amazon customer reviews more carefully.

In this way, you can find specific personal experiences by other buyers that apply to you, plus their suggested solutions.

Not to mention, address the mattress retailer on whether they carry additional accessories to help make your new mattress softer or firmer, such as “comfort kits.”

In the end, good sleep comes to those who wait.

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