Mattress Review 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

Australia, rejoice! Our beloved local mattress brand, Koala Mattress, has two new mattresses on the market and an upgraded version of the original model, and I just can’t wait to tell you all about them.

The three new mattresses are:

  • The New Koala Mattress
  • The New Koala Calm As Mattress
  • The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

The Koala Mattress brand has been voted for Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers Award” in the Mattress category for 2019 & 2021.

Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress Quality Specifications

But before I tell you more about the three new (well technically two new and one old-new) Koala mattresses, I want to first remind you of the quality and technical specifics of this mattress brand.

Koala Mattresses are Made from Kloudcell™ Foam

Koala’s 3 foam mattresses are made from the company’s trademarked Kloudcell™ open-cell foam, which aids in temperature regulation. In their premium models, such as the New Koala Soulmate Mattress and the New Koala Calm As Mattress, they’ve also focused on the innovative use of foam, such as foam springs and zoned support.

The Koala Mattresses Allow Mattress Modification

All three Koala foam mattresses come with a “double-sided comfort layer” which offers either medium-firm support or firm support, and you can choose between the two depending on what you like better once you’ve purchased and tried out the mattress. And this is really easy to adjust – if you don’t like the firm-support (or vice versa), you just unzip it, flip it, and zip it back, and there you go – you can use the other layer, the medium-firm support, for instance, in less than five minutes.

The Three New Koala Mattresses Compared

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics of the Koala mattresses’ quality specifications, let us turn to the mattresses themselves. I want to show you what each of them offers separately, but also how they compare to one another, in terms of the differences and similarities between each model.

As I mentioned earlier, the three models that are going to be featured here are:

  • The New Koala Mattress
  • The New Koala Calm As Mattress
  • The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Let’s start with the first one.

The New Koala Mattress

As the company itself says, the New Koala Mattress really does manage to keep “all the best bits of the original” and add some new cool features, thus bringing a new take on an old classic.

So what’s new in the New Koala Mattress? Well, besides the two standard layers of foam, this version provides further customization.

The New Koala Mattress has two standard foam layers, as I already mentioned, and an additional cover layer.

The 7 cm cover layer is made of Tencel™ Lyocell fiber, an eco-friendly, sustainable fiber that’s made from wood pulp. The Tencel fiber is specifically designed to be extra pleasant for the skin and to allow more airflow and coolness, which provides for better sleep. The best part about it is that it has moisture-wicking properties, which means that it can simultaneously absorb and release moisture.

Kloudcell Comfort

The second layer is the double-sided Kloudcell™️ comfort layer, which is customizable, depending on which firmness level suits you better. This means that you can choose between a medium-firm feel and a firmer feel – as we covered already, you only need to unzip, flip and zip again.

Adaptive Core

The third layer is at the very bottom of the mattress, and it features a NoPressure Adaptive Core. What does this mean? Well, in order to offer extra support for your body during sleep, the designers have made a zoned support layer that has 3 high-density precision-cut zones, which are located at specific places of this layer. The idea is to offer more pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, and also better support for the spine. Because of this layer, you’ll be comfortable in any sleeping position.

The New Koala Calm As Mattress

The Calm As mattress really turns the heat up when it comes to comfort level and pressure relief. As opposed to the classic Koala mattress, which had three layers, the Calm As has five!

COOLMAX Technology

Let’s start with the top layer. The first comfort layer uses special polyester fibers featuring COOLMAX® Technology, which is sustainable and eco-friendly, as it’s made from 100% recycled resources. But what’s so great about COOLMAX? Well, first of all, it’s a superior way of dealing with heat and secondly, with moisture.

What this means is that the mattress dries fast by wicking away moisture – it doesn’t let sweat, for instance, get soaked up in the mattress, but it also doesn’t make it stick on your body. It’s a 7 cm-thick comfort layer, with an additional 1 cm quilted plush cover that’s there to ensure you always feel cool and dry.

Kloudcell Comfort

The second layer is the double-sided Kloudcell™ comfort layer. This is the customizable part of every Koala mattress, which allows you to choose between a medium-firm feel and a firm feel.

The Transition Layer

The third layer is called the ZoneOut Transition Layer. Its job is to disperse weight and keep your body supported throughout the night. It has three high-density support zones that target the places where the most critical points of body support are, such as the lower back, the shoulders, and the legs. The ZoneOut Transition layer also contains air tunnels, which improve airflow, successfully dissipate any excess heat, and make your sleeping experience as cool as a breeze.

Adaptive Core

The fourth layer or the NoPressure Adaptive Core is a high-density layer that also has precision-cut zones for body support. This layer is added so it can provide extra comfort and stability for people who like to change sleeping positions. Whether you’re a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper (which is arguably the most uncomfortable of sleeping positions), with the Calm As high-density reactive layer, you will still wake up rested and pain-free in the morning.

Edge Support

The fifth layer is called the StayPut Edge Support, and as you may have guessed already, it’s designed to provide edge-to-edge support, so the ends of the mattress don’t sag. If you happen to sleep close to the edges of the bed, then the StayPut Edge Support is going to ensure you don’t fall off your bed while you sleep.

This edge-to-edge support is built into The New Koala Calm As and The New Koala Soul Mate mattresses. It is not featured in the classic version.

What’s So Special About The New Koala Calm As Mattress?

One thing that is unique for The New Koala Calm As Mattress is the multi-layered zoning. The Calm As is all about support and extra comfort, so it’s no surprise that it uses support zones throughout several layers, as opposed to only one.

The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

What can I say? The Koala Soul Mate mattress is as dreamy as it sounds, we have tested this mattress and it’s the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever been sent.

This premium Koala mattress also has five layers, all of which are designed for blissful sleep, night after night.

Sensapole Technology

The first layer is 9 cm thick and has an additional 2 cm quilted plush cover. It utilizes Sensapole® Sleep Surface Technology, which is all about keeping you cool (but not cold) at night and regulating your body temperature. Sensapole helps to regulate the temperature according to each individual body, and it also perfectly adapts to the changing seasons. It is designed to absorb, store, and release heat at just the right times so you can always have a good night’s sleep, regardless of what the weather outside is like.

Kloudcell Comfort

The second layer is pretty standard – it’s the flippable Kloudcell™ Comfort Layer which is featured in all the Koala mattresses. As I’ve already mentioned, this is the layer that allows you to customize your mattress and choose between two different firmness levels.

Bamboo Charcoal Layer

The third layer is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam. Sounds pretty fancy, I agree (which totally justifies the price of this mattress). The bamboo charcoal memory foam has a number of exquisite properties that make it the perfect material for an ultra-comfy, high-quality mattress. The bamboo charcoal layer contains ventilation holes for better airflow and antimicrobial properties. What’s more, this perforated memory foam also reduces heat intensity and relieves pressure.

Five Zoned Foam Springs

The fourth layer is the one made from five zoned foam springs. These adaptive foam springs are there to react to your body’s movements, thereby giving an extra feeling of comfort and support without meddling with the work of the zero-disturbance technology. The five zoned adaptive foam springs layer also contributes to better airflow in the parts of the mattress where your body is, providing for an extra breezy sleeping experience.

Edge Support

Last but not least is the fifth StayPut edge support layer, which I’ve also already mentioned in the Calm As mattress. The edge support is there to make sure you’ll never fall off the mattress even if you sleep too close to the edge. At the same time, it won’t sink or sag when you sit down or put something on it

What’s Unique About the New Koala Soul Mate Mattress?

The Soul Mate mattress is the only Koala mattress to have the five zoned adaptive foam springs, while the other two mattresses feature three zones.

The five zones offer body support that is truly tailored to each individual’s sleeping needs. Not only are these adaptive foam springs there to provide for extra support and improve airflow, but they’re also included to follow your movements in bed and give you maximum comfort however you may be positioned.

What Do All of the Koala Mattresses Have in Common?

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the basic anatomy of the Koala mattresses, as well as what makes each of them unique, let’s take a look at the similarities

Zero-Disturbance Technology

Zero-disturbance technology equals zero partner disturbance. Say you have a partner that often turns in their sleep. Well, the zero-disturbance technology of the Koala mattresses will allow you to sleep soundly, no matter how much your partner tosses and turns.

The zero disturbance is present in all of the three Koala mattresses so you can rest assured (pun intended!) to have a good night’s sleep regardless of which mattress you choose.

Air Flow and Breathability

All of the Koala mattresses have great airflow systems. This has a lot to do with the materials that they use to enhance breathability, reduce heat intensity, wick away moisture, and efficiently cool the mattress during sleep.

The Right Support for Your Body

The Koala mattresses are also carefully designed to offer full-body support so you can awaken well-rested. With a firmer support base located just under where your hips should lie, you can be sure that your body won’t sink or sag into the mattress. If you often suffer from back pain, then you might want to give the Koala mattresses a shot.

Anti-Slip Bottom

When you design high-quality mattresses, you have to think of everything, including its stability when it comes to bed frames. Koala mattresses have a special texture at the bottom outer layer that prevents them from slipping off the bed frame and reduces movement on the bed frame in general.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

I mentioned earlier that the bamboo charcoal memory foam layer in the Soul Mate mattress has antimicrobial properties, but that is true for all three Koala mattresses. All of them contain “antimicrobial additives,” as the Koala company calls them, so they can never turn into breeding grounds for bacteria and other types of microbes.


The CertiPUR-US® program is focused on certifying foam products for home use, such as sofas and mattresses, that are free of dangerous chemicals.

With this certificate, the Koala company guarantees that all of their foam products have been tested and proven free from stuff like formaldehyde or phthalates, heavy metals, and flame retardants. It’s also proof that the mattresses are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and it refers to compounds that are harmful to humans and the environment. When a mattress is low VOC, it means it contains less than 0.5 parts of these volatile compounds per million.


GECA certifications are very important for Australian business and industry standards because they certify that every part of the supply chain involved in the making of the product meets the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Trial Period for the Koala Mattresses?

Indeed there is! In fact, the Koala company offers a 120-night trial, which means you can either get attached to your bed during that time period and not want to see or try anything else in the next 10 years, or you will grow to hate it and never want to see it again (which I highly doubt). In any event, should you choose to return the mattress within this 120-night trial period, you will get a full refund.

Is There Free Delivery With Koala Mattresses Purchases in Australia?

The answer is, again, yes. The Koala company was one of the first mattress companies to adopt a direct-to-consumer business model. They offer free deliveries, and they can also pick up the old mattress that you’ve been sleeping on to recycle in partnership with Soft Landing. However, the picking up of the old mattress is, for now, limited to selected metro areas in Melbourne and Sydney only.

How Can I Take Care of the Koala Mattresses?

It’s actually really easy to clean. You only need some warm water and a light detergent. Basically, you only need to clean places where there are spots and visible dirt. When you’re done with the cleaning, make sure you allow the mattress to fully dry in the shade before you use it again.

How Often Should the Mattress Be Rotated?

The Koala company recommends rotating the Koala mattresses once per month, by 180 degrees, so they can retain the proper shape for a longer period of time.

Can I Put the Koala Mattress Directly on the Floor?

This is not recommended. When you put a mattress on the floor, you hinder airflow, and this can result in different kinds of mattress damage, including mold. It’s best to put your Koala mattress on a box spring, bed frame, or some kind of bed base instead of the ground.

Do Koala Mattresses Have a Warranty?

Yes, the Koala company offers a 10-year warranty on their mattresses. If you need to make a warranty claim, you can either call them or send them an email, and they will contact you as soon as possible.

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