Neoluxe Vantage Silver Mattress Review 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

Neoluxe is a family-owned Australian mattress manufacturer that sources almost everything right here in Australia and from some of the finest Italian providers of bedding materials. Neoluxe’s reputation expands beyond that of a simple home-grown company, though. The company proves its global outlook by offering products made with eco-friendly material. 

The company received the Green Medallion from the Australian Furniture Association and Australian Living. Companies can receive this award based on different environmental factors. Companies who are mindful of the kinds of materials used in their products, their manufacturing plant conditions, and the end of the life of their products can achieve this award.

Neoluxe only used GECA-approved materials in its mattresses and continues to improve its emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Neoluxe Silver Vantage Mattress

Best Mattresses in Australia: Neoluxe Vantage Silver

Aussies who have seen a Neoluxe Vantage Silver know that the mattress radiates the essence of luxury. Neoluxe uses silver fibre yarn in the construction of these mattresses and claims that the integration of silver mirrors the hygienic benefits of silver inclusion in medical instruments and supplies.

On the Neoluxe website, there are also claims that the silver helps to discharge static electricity that builds up in your body throughout the day. Additionally, the silver content in the company’s own “SilverForm”, used as the mattresses’ support foam, also dispels harmful bacteria with its antimicrobial properties.

Claims to the benefits of silver aside, even those who just see an image of this mattress won’t need to read a Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review to know they would probably enjoy sleeping on one. For those who need a little more convincing, we’ll cover the details of the mattress’s specifications from firmness to packaging.

Selecting a new mattress is a decision that you will likely be stuck with for a long time. Though many companies offer generous trial periods for their mattresses, not all do. Doing your research before diving into a significant mattress investment can mean the difference between sleeping on a cloud for the foreseeable future and another decade of back pain.

To help you make that decision, we have compiled our thoughts in this Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review and compared some of its features to specifications of other leading mattresses in Australia.

Materials and Layers

Though we already touched on a few different benefits of the materials that Neoluxe uses in these mattresses, such as the GECA certification, the materials used by Neoluxe are recognised by Okeo-Tex as well. In addition to being environmentally conscious materials, the materials Neoluxe uses are very breathable, too.

The company uses a combination of Quiltec and Hypersoft materials that help dispel the heat from our hot summer nights while you’re still comfortably tucked in bed. The SilverForm foam used in the mattress is also not only made with antimicrobial silver particles, but it allows for excellent pressure relief over the entire body as well.

This mattress’s support comes directly from the dual coil system, which helps target and relieve problem areas in 12 different body zones.


The scale for firmness for our Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review runs a little softer than most other ranges, as Neoluxe mattresses are historically less firm than other brands. So, for instance, a medium-firm mattress for this Neoluxe would likely feel softer than a medium-firm mattress from another mattress brand.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most firm, the Neoluxe Vantage Silver line scores around a 6 for firmness, meaning that lighter people shouldn’t expect to sink into the mattress, but can still expect generous support. Layers of foam provide the structure you need while the quilt layer on top allows you to rest in complete comfort.

The Neoluxe Vantage Silver is also available with different firmness levels on either side, which can make the process of finding a mattress easier if you and your partner find different firmnesses more comfortable than others.

Pressure Relief and Motion Isolation

The 12-zone dual spring system that is the Neoluxe Vantage Silver design’s backbone is perfect for people with pain in their hips and shoulders. Because the dual layer of springs inside of the Neoluxe Vantage Silver allows for better body contouring, sleepers will experience noticeably less stiffness in these areas.

Additionally, the Neoluxe Vantage Silver is robust and should accommodate Aussies of any size, though lighter people may want to opt for a less firm option from Neoluxe. Those who share a bed will want to know that motion isolation is present, but light sleepers may still notice too much jostling around on the Neoluxe.

Weight and Thickness

The queen-sized mattress used for this review measures 60 kg with a height of 38 cm. However, if the queen size does not suit your sleeping requirements, Neoluxe offers seven different Vantage Silver sizes. Customers can choose from single, long single, king single, double, queen, king, or super king.

These sizes are standard Australian bed sizes, and as of 2020, the measurements are as follows:

  • Single: 92cm x 188cm
  • Long Single: 92cm x 203cm
  • King Single: 107cm x 203cm
  • Double: 138cm x 188cm
  • Queen: 153cm x 203cm
  • King: 183cm x 203cm
  • Super King: 203cm x 203cm

While the Neoluxe Vantage Silver is not available in cot size, most buyers of this bed will find a size available to match their ideal sleeping situation.

Shipping and Trial Period

Shipping with Neoluxe within Australia is easy. While in-store shoppers can pick up a Neoluxe mattress at any of the company’s 30 different locations around Australia, online shoppers can make their purchases from the Beds n Dreams website. The cost for delivery will vary by location, but customers in metropolitan areas can expect to pay around $80 for shipping fees.

Unfortunately, there is no trial period mentioned on Neoluxe’s website to add to this Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review. However, the company does offer buyers a 10-year warranty for their mattress if a manufacturer defect occurs.


With the enthusiasm that Neoluxe has for environmentally friendly materials, it is no surprise that the company does its level-best when packaging your brand new Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress. While some plastics and tapes are a must, the materials’ unnecessary inclusion in the mattresses’ packaging is few and far between.

Best Suited For

In this Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review, we have already pointed out that those who have side and shoulder pain will find comfort here. The 12-point support system that the mattress offers is ideal for side sleepers, who typically suffer from pain in the hips and shoulder from sleeping with all of their weight pressed onto those body parts.

The premium foams used to make up the Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress give sleepers gentle relief. The pocket springs beneath the foam layers provide support to strike a nice balance between what the body thinks it needs and what it actually needs.

Neoluxe Vantage Silver vs Other Great Mattresses

Now that you have a firm grasp on the specifications that Neoluxe offers with its Vantage Silver mattress line, you may want to understand how the company’s product stacks up against mattresses from other companies that are also popular in Australia.

First, we will compare the Neoluxe Vantage Silver line to the Ecosa brand and then with the Koala brand, both of which have appeared in multiple lists compiled of top mattresses in Australia. If you’re still not convinced that the Neoluxe Vantage Silver could be the right mattress for you, continuing to compare with other brands could help you further.

Neoluxe Vantage Silver vs Ecosa

While the Neoluxe Vantage Silver design is great side sleepers, the Ecosa mattress is ideal for those who want a bit more firmness in their mattresses. The added firmness gives your body added support that you need, making the Ecosa mattress ideal for people who suffer from back pain.

The Ecosa mattress consists of three foam layers. The top layer is memory foam to provide optimal comfort. The Eco-Tex layer underneath gives the mattress breathability, while the base layer consists of high-density foam for a strong supportive foundation.

Neoluxe Vantage Silver vs Koala

Koala is one of the top contenders in the Australian mattress market and is another excellent mattress for back sleepers. Like Neoluxe, Koala brand mattresses are also made with eco-friendly materials. These Aussie-made mattresses also excel in breathability, ensuring that you stay cool long after your head hits the pillow.

The Research and Development department at Koala must have been busy because the company even developed foam specifically to use in these mattresses. The mattresses breathability comes from the top layer of Kloudcell. In contrast, the second layer of Koala’s high-density foam gives great support that will have you wishing you could keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm every morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Level of Firmness Should You Get Based on Your Sleeping Position?

Preferred level of firmness in a mattress varies from person to person, and while there is no “right” answer, some mattress firmnesses lend themselves better to specific sleeping positions. For example, a person who sleeps on their side may often suffer from aches in their hips or shoulders in the morning because their mattress is too firm.

A softer mattress would allow their body to sink into the bed while still supporting their spine. Stomach and back sleepers also need spine support, but a lot more of it. That is why some recommend that people who sleep on their back or stomach should opt for firmer mattresses.

How Should I Care for My Mattress?

While the Neoluxe Vantage Silver Mattress is a robust and sturdy mattress with high-quality construction, there is no substitute for proper care. Those who wish to extend their mattress’s life beyond the warranty’s protection might consider covering their mattress with a waterproof cover to prevent liquids or pet accidents from seeping into the material.

Customers of Neoluxe have the added benefit of integrated silver in the mattresses construction, which is an antimicrobial material that can help prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria in your mattress.

If stains do occur on your mattress, it is best to clean it with tried and true methods that will not damage the materials or leave too much moisture behind. If you are unsure of the best ways to do this, you can always call in the professionals to take care of the job.

It also helps to rotate your mattress regularly to ensure its integrity over time. It is recommended that you rotate your mattress 180° about every three to six months. This rule applies whether you share the bed or sleep alone.

How Long Is the Warranty of the Neoluxe Vantage Silver Mattress?

Neoluxe provides customers with a 10-year warranty for their purchase. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a trial period for the mattress, so it’s best to go to a store and test it out if possible before committing to such a significant purchase.

Is the Neoluxe Vantage Silver a Good Value for Money?

Before answering this question, we should mention again that this Neoluxe Vantage Silver Mattress review is for a luxury mattress. With the word, “luxury” always comes a significant price tag. Only the customer can determine what exactly those luxuries are worth.

However, if you are on the lookout for a luxury mattress, you might not need to look any further than the Neoluxe Vantage Silver line. This mattress has all the bells and whistles, including a few that you might not have known existed. For example, the silver integrated into the design has benefits you may not have known could come from a mattress.

Your money goes far in terms of build quality with the Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress, too, because this mattress will last for years to come. It even has the appearance of a mattress designed by experts.

With its luxuries in tow, the Neoluxe Vantage Silver still enters the ring at a reasonably high price point.

But, considering the number of years that you will spend on it, you should invest in something a little more worth your while and consider your body and sleeping habits. If it’s within your budget, this Neoluxe Vantage Silver mattress review highly recommends the investment.

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