Mattress Review 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

Did you ever consider that you spend about a third of your life in bed? Yes, that’s eight out of 24 hours each day, so buying a suitable mattress is quite an important decision. Not only will the right mattress provide a comfortable cradle for rest, but it can also improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day.

Sleep hygiene makes an important contribution to our overall health. When shopping for a mattress, be sure to consider your own sleep patterns and look for a mattress that best fits your sleep routine. Some of the best mattresses in Australia can provide tranquil rest, help reduce snoring, and fight other maladies such as stress and even obesity.

Let’s look at the Onebed mattress, in particular. It may well be the best online mattress in Australia to help promote a full, restorative night’s sleep for some sleepers.

In this Onebed mattress review, we will consider factors such as the product’s:

  • Construction
  • Comfort
  • Warranty

We will also compare it to other mattresses available in Australia to make sure you make a smart purchase on your way toward healthier sleep hygiene.

Onebed Mattress

Best Mattresses in Australia: Onebed

Onebed is a young brand that launched in Australia only a few years ago. However, it has quickly made a name for itself and may be the best mattress in Australia for shoppers looking for a slightly firm, mid-range mattress.

Prices can change from day to day, but Onebed generally provides solid comfort at a moderate price and can help users—and their partners—achieve sound sleep.

While you may not have heard of Onebed, the Australia-based company stands behind its products with an impressive trial period and lengthy warranty period, so it is worth giving a try. You are likely to enjoy this mattress, and even if you do not, you can rest easy knowing you are able to return your Onebed mattress if you are not happy with it.

Materials and Layers

Atop Onebed mattresses, you’ll find plush, woven polyester that wicks away surface moisture.

Beneath this comfortable surface is 4 cm of latex. The latex tends to be a bit more rigid than bouncy—a feature that many sleepers appreciate.

A 4-cm layer of viscoelastic memory foam comes next. Memory foam shapes around your body to relieve pressure on protruding joints and forms a soft cradle around you while you sleep.

The bulk of the mattress comes from an 18-cm core layer of high-density foam. If you are looking for a mattress with strong spine support, this foam constructed with polyurethane offers a firm sleeping surface. However, it is gentle enough not to overwhelm people who appreciate a small amount of give in their mattress.


Onebed mattresses generally fall in the medium to firm range. This mattress offers high-quality spinal support without making you feel like you are sleeping on a wooden plank.

Sleepers may also slightly modify a Onebed mattress to adjust the firmness. By placing the memory foam on top of the layer of latex, you can make the mattress a bit softer. The company ships the mattress with the latex on top, so if you like the mattress but are looking for a little more give, you can try customizing your Onebed mattress by switching the two. Just remember that this is a little tricky and is probably a job best accomplished by two people.

Pressure Relief and Motion Isolation

By moulding to your body, the layer of memory foam makes the Onebed mattresses among the best in Australia for sleepers seeking pressure relief. Some sleepers assume that foam mattresses give too much of a sinking feeling and prefer a layer of pocket springs, but Onebed remains relatively firm and supportive without using springs.

Some competing mattress brands can boast of what is known as special “zonal support” to prevent motion transfer. Onebed does not make this claim, but its layers of foam do a commendable job of isolating motion. Because of its foam construction, the Onebed mattress does not transfer a lot of motion, so partners are less likely to bother each other if they move during the night. If one person wakes up early, they can slip out of bed without waking the other.

Therefore, if one person tosses in the night or wakes up early, they are not likely to upset their partner unless they are a very light sleeper.

Weight and Thickness

All Onebed mattresses, from singles all the way up to kings, are 26-cm thick, most of which comes from the layer of high-density foam. Layers of Dunlop latex and memory foam each make up 4 cm.

The weight of a Onebed mattress is comparable to other foam-based mattresses. A queen-sized mattress weighs 38 kg and supports up to 270 kg, making it suitable for most couples.

Shipping and Trial Period

Onebed offers free shipping from a warehouse in Australia to Tasmania and all parts of mainland Australia. According to customer reviews, Onebed deliveries are prompt and hassle-free.

The company offers a 125-night trial. Onebed asks that you try your new mattress for 30 days to get a sense of whether it is right for you. If not, you may email the company for a full refund. Onebed will also pick up your mattress for free, though the company cautions that customers in remote areas may need to allow some time for collection. The company donates most unwanted mattresses to the Salvation Army for people in need.


The mattress arrives in a box that measures approximately 1 m x 50 cm x 50 cm, so it fits through most doors. Your mattress will arrive compressed and sealed, so it will take a short while to air out and fluff up.

You may sleep on it the first night, and it should be in regular working order by the fifth night. Onebed recommends that you allow your mattress to decompress within two months of arrival. If you need delivery on a later date, ask the company about delayed shipment.

If you also purchase a Onebed frame, it will arrive in two boxes that weigh about 35 kg each. The kit includes tools to enable you to set up your bed without the help of a handyman. The company does recommend that you ask a friend to lend a hand, though.

The Onebed Mattress is Best Suited to These Sleepers

Onebed might be the best mattress in the mid-range market in Australia. With medium to medium-firm support, it is versatile. Sleepers who like a bed that’s not too soft or too firm may find Onebed just right. The ability to switch the layers enables you to adjust the level of support to better suit your preferences.

Medium and medium-firm mattresses are also suitable for back sleepers. While side sleepers benefit from softer mattresses, back sleepers need a bit more support. However, Onebed is not too firm, so if you or your partner sleep in different positions or move around throughout the night, this mattress will provide comfort no matter what the position.

In fact, because of this middle-of-the-road softness, Onebed is appropriate for couples who have slightly different firmness preferences. Onebed mattresses may be a good choice for couples who prefer less bounce, or when one partner prefers a medium firmness while the other is more comfortable with a more rigid mattress.

The Onebed mattress does not feature all the bells and whistles that high-end luxury mattresses provide, but it is a reliable, comfortable generalist with a bit of extra firmness that will fit many customers right in its homeland of Australia.

Onebed vs. Other Great Mattresses

Onebed vs. Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck is an award-winning Australian mattress brand. Depending on deals, its mattresses may be more expensive, and its sleep trial period is a few weeks shorter than Onebed, but many sleepers still enjoy it.

The two mattresses differ in that Sleeping Duck is a hybrid mattress with both foam and springs. If you are considering Sleeping Duck, keep in mind that it has gone through a recent rebranding, so some models have changed names. The company still provides a quality mattress worth considering.

Onebed vs. Koala

Koala is one of the most popular and beloved brands in Australia. Its naming after a natural icon of the country is more than symbolic, since the company partners with conservationists to protect Australia’s koala population. This company has speedy delivery at no additional charge, and the mattresses earn gushing customer reviews.

Koala’s features and prices are comparable to Onebed’s. Both mattresses are slightly firm and constructed of foam. All in all, the two brands are very similar, though some reviewers believe that in trying to be everything to everyone, Koala fails to stand out in any particular area. Nevertheless, if you are considering one, you might look at the other as well.

Onebed vs. Ecosa

Like Onebed, Ecosa uses foam layers to create a comfortable and durable sleeping surface. Each brand offers a slightly firm mattress. However, you are able to rearrange Ecosa’s three layers to provide a firmer mattress than Onebed can offer.

Otherwise, both companies are reliable and feature similar materials and lengthy warranties. If the choice comes down to price, keep in mind that the cost of Ecosa mattresses has fluctuated in recent history, so it may be wise to double-check prices and see wha=ich company is offering the better deal on any given day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my mattress?

First, since your mattress will come rolled up and compressed in a box, you should remove your mattress from its packaging within two months of delivery so it can decompress. Otherwise, you may contact Onebed for a delayed shipment.

Because Onebed contains foam, it resists forming the hills and valleys that plague spring-based mattresses.

One way you can protect your mattress is to purchase a frame. Mattresses that lie directly on the floor are more susceptible to mould and mildew, especially in Australia’s heat and humidity.

What level of firmness do I need based on my sleeping position?

Your mattress firmness helps keep your spine in a comfortable, healthy position while you recline.

Generally, side sleepers need a bit more give, while stomach sleepers benefit from a more firm mattress. Back sleepers are right in the middle. People who change up their sleep positions also usually tend to do best with a medium mattress.

With medium to medium-firm support, Onebed can handle a variety of sleepers but is especially well-suited to back sleepers.

How long does the Onebed mattress warranty last?

Onebed warranties should last the entire life of your mattress. For Onebed Essential mattresses—the company’s budget line—warranties are good for ten years. For the flagship Onebed Original models, warranties last 15 years.

If your mattress or mattress cover is defective at any time during the warranty period, Onebed will replace it for free. However, the company cautions that the warranty only covers “ordinary use.” Onebed also assumes you will use the mattress on a “suitable flat, hard surface or structurally sound base.”

In addition to the warranty, keep in mind that Onebed offers a 125-night trial period to enable you to test out your mattress for a few months after you buy it.

Is the Onebed mattress a good value for the money?

Australians looking for a quality mid-range mattress might find that Onebed offers the best value on the market. With medium to medium-firm support, it is versatile enough to satisfy many sleepers and helps isolate movement so, even if one person tosses and turns, their partner should be able to sleep soundly.

Onebed constructs its mattresses with durable materials so the mattress can provide comfortable sleep support for ten to fifteen years. Not only does the company promise that its foam mattresses are resistant to sagging and forming depressions, but it also backs up its products with lengthy warranties so you can rest at ease.

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