Our Osteo Support
Mattress Review for 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

In light of the unforeseen events of the past year, quarantine life has taken its toll on everything from our bank accounts and working situations to social life and even our beds. Yes, working from bed—er, that is, home—truly does seem to have invaded the one last comfort zone we hard-working Aussies have anymore.  

That being said, even if your bed has held strong and remains as comfortable as ever, the start of a non-2020 year may mark a great time to shop for a new mattress. What we have for Australia today is a delight for your bank account, as well as for your back: the Osteo Support Mattress.

Osteo Support Mattress

Cosy at a Low Cost

Coming in at under $500, the Osteo Support Mattress incorporates smart and innovative specs in a cost-efficient and comfortable package. This bed-in-a-box hits every target we can think of as the perfect treat for anyone who has weathered the storm of the previous 365 days.

Our evaluative tests placed this mattress at medium-plush on our firmness scale. Ideal for side or back sleepers, the top layer of the Osteo Support Mattress provides good support with its combination of high-density foam, perforated latex, and incredibly soft fabric. The quality of the upper pillow-top layer feels way beyond the actual price point of the mattress.

The soft mattress texture owes itself to more than the included types of materials. The foam, latex, and fabric combine to create a silky soft texture due to the ultra-loft quilting method used in the mattress’ manufacture. The bottom line for you is soft, plush comfort.

An added bonus to the pillow-top is that it actually fights against pesky problems like bed bugs, dust mites, and even some allergens. The 50mm high-density foam and perforated latex achieves this by acting as a breathable shield too small for problematic intruders to penetrate.

On top of all this, the latex used in the mattress comes from natural sources and is completely devoid of dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Even if you didn’t have to worry about an allergic reaction, the mattress will never irritate your nose or permeate your house with strange chemical odours.

At last, a hypo-allergenic mattress has arrived for all of us suffering from blasted plant particles assaulting our nasal cavities. You can snuggle in close without worry of inflaming your sinuses from sneaky allergic assassins hiding in your mattress fibres.

Intelligent Design

The palpable support you feel from the Osteo Support Mattress comes from what the product designers call a 3 Zone System. This system refers to a specific arrangement of spring coils set with different amounts of coil tension to create firmer areas and softer areas. In the end, the 3 Zone System represents such an innovative and smart way of building the interior of a mattress, it left us wondering why something like this hasn’t been done before.

We say this because the coil arrangement suits the body’s natural curvature perfectly to provide comfortable yet tangible support that will leave you fully supported all night long. Only the edges lack the support we felt throughout the rest of the mattress, but not enough to outweigh the rest of what makes this mattress comfortable.

On top of this, the 3 Zone System provides equal distribution of back support from top to bottom. You will never feel any hard dividing lines thanks to the innovative design of the Osteo Support pocket spring.

The design intelligence that went into nearly every detail of this mattress reveals itself in an assembly that allows for independent spring movement. We confirmed this ourselves: partners will not disturb each other due to the construction and design of the mattress. Let yourself rest easy and undisturbed from a tossing and turning bed mate.

A Size for Any Occasion

As we mentioned previously, the Osteo Support Mattress caps out at an unbelievably low price point of $399. This means that the three other sizes of this mattress cost even less. Compare the dimensions and prices of each size below:

  • Queen costs $399, weighs 33kg, and has dimensions of 153 x 203 x 26cm
  • Double costs $379, weighs 29kg, and has dimensions of 137 x 188 x 26cm
  • King Single costs $329, weighs 25.5 kg, and has dimensions of 107 x 203 x 26cm
  • Single costs $299, weighs 22.5kg, and has dimensions of 97 x 25 x 25cm

The dimensions listed above represent the full size of the mattress out of the box. We also have the in-box dimensions listed below:

  • Queen: 158 x 25 x 25cm
  • Double: 142 x 25 x 25cm
  • King Single: 112 x 25 x 25cm
  • Single: 97 x 25 x 25cm

Comparison Against a Competitor

Let us see how the Osteo Support stacks up against another contender in the budget mattress category: the original Emma mattress. Coming out of Germany, Emma launched in 2015 with the award-winning Emma mattress. They have since expanded as a global favourite and currently operate in 21 countries with accolades in every country.

The medium-firm Emma mattress earned “Top Spot” recognition from CHOICE due to its high breathability. Its inclusion of high-quality memory foam achieves this by helping dispel moisture with pores that allow for evaporation, rather than simply absorbing body moisture. This feature leaves the sleeper cool since any moisture that accumulates will seep into the mattress and dissipate.

Another feature of the Emma mattress, similar to the Osteo Support Mattress, is a three-layer core that makes use of memory foam to conform to the body’s curvature and provide pressure point relief. Since memory foam absorbs movement differently from standard springs, users report the mattress to isolate movement well, offering undisturbed comfort to sleeping partners.

Despite all of the recognition the Emma mattress has gathered over the years, the company does not provide any detailed information on the types of included materials. Even so, the mattress has gained much notoriety and attention with its expansion to Australia.

The primary feature that seems to distinguish the Emma mattress from the Osteo Support Mattress is its moisture-wicking capability. It is an important characteristic to consider, since many users of lower-end memory foam mattresses complain of overheating during the night.

Other than its ability to help dissipate heat and moisture, the Emma mattress does not seem to distinguish itself much from what the Osteo Support Mattress offers—that is, unless you consider its price point. The Emma mattress comes in at $799, or double the price of the Osteo Support Mattress.

What you would be trading off from the Emma mattress would be a memory foam mattress core versus the pocket springs of the Osteo Support Mattress. In short, this difference may come down to preference more than anything else, since the 3 Zone System of the Osteo Support Mattress accomplishes the exact same effect as the three-layer memory foam core of the Emma mattress.

In fact, the lack of specificity of Emma’s included materials does not answer the capability of Emma’s original mattress to help keep allergens or bed pests out. Customer reviews may help answer this question if bed bugs, dust mites, or particle-based allergies represent a significant concern for you as a potential buyer.

With this in mind, the Emma mattress comes with a 10- instead of a 5-year warranty in contrast to the Osteo Support Mattress. In the end, the decision comes down to what you as a consumer prioritize from your mattress.

The extra $400 of the Emma mattress manifests itself only in moisture-wicking memory foam and a longer warranty, since the two mattresses match up in every other aspect. For our purposes, especially in light of the ongoing economically harrowing quarantine, the Osteo Support Mattress takes the cake.

Moisture control and five more years on a warranty did not equate, in our minds, to an extra $400 out of pocket. While both features may seem attractive, we do not believe they warrant any Aussie to spend double when for half of that they can get a mattress that does literally everything else.

Extra Bonus Points

So far, the Osteo Support Mattress makes a case for itself as a budget-friendly mattress that does not compromise on the buyer’s comfort. Another point that reassures our assessment of the product comes from the product’s source.

Mobile Mattress practices seem to embody why the mattress is so cheap. As an independent manufacturer of sleep products, they bypass importers, wholesalers, and distributors to supply what they make to the consumer in direct transactions. They do not have to deal with a whole sector of business that would do nothing except raise the bottom line for the end consumer: you.

With this extra budgetary leeway created by a lack of middle-men, Mobile Mattress uses locally and sustainably sourced Australian pine to build the bases for all of their sleep creations. Their other materials come from a stringent process that adheres to the latest sleep research to ensure their claims are backed with real facts.

On top of that, Mobile Mattress sells and ships the Osteo Support Mattress as an Australian owned and operated business. They operate their online, mobile, and retail business out of Capalaba in Queensland. This fact places the cherry on top, since the mattress on its own stands to address several problems Aussies deal with regarding allergies and quarantine-related mattress wear.

Another great fact about this mattress is that you do not have to flip the mattress at all. The mattress incorporates Flip Free Technology that makes bed flipping a thing of the past.

With all of these characteristics in place, the Osteo Support Mattress puts up quite the fight for possibly the best value for a mattress under the $500 price point. If you decide to move forward, you can expect a few more perks upon purchase.

First, the mattress comes with an Australian 5-year factory warranty to help cover any unexpected damage. If the entire package does not convince you, Mobile Mattress even offers financing options to allow for flexible payments to get you onto this mattress sooner rather than later.

Now, if for some reason the Osteo Support doesn’t meet your standards or expectations, perhaps due to its medium-plush firmness rating, Mobile Mattress has a wide selection of mattresses, bases, and anything else sleep-related you could ever want. You can peruse their product offerings and presentation options at the Mobile Mattress retail showroom located at 7/11 Dan St, Capalaba 4157.

Just be sure to check with them on their updated showroom policies, since operation hours and availability may have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. The showroom space operates from Monday to Saturday and houses knowledgeable staff who can answer any other questions that come up.

The Overview

We cannot recommend the Osteo Support Mattress enough for Aussies looking to upgrade their sleep on a budget. Not only does the mattress provide well-supported comfort for back and side sleepers; it even accounts for pests and allergens. This feature truly separates the Osteo Support from its competitors, helping to eliminate consumer concerns regarding night-time pests.

The mattress also demonstrates a high level of versatility with its 3 Zone System that not only conforms naturally to the human body’s contours but also isolates sleeping movements to leave sleeping partners undisturbed through the night. The only flaw with this system leaves the edges of the mattress a bit flimsier than expected.

All of these great features come packaged with flexibility to allow for shoppers to pay on their terms, all while covered with a 5-year warranty. Mobile Mattress seems to have done everything in their power to make this mattress as comfortable to buy as it is to sleep on.

Check out what other customers have had to say about the product at Mobile Mattress. Though this mattress may not deal with the quarantine directly, we remain confident it will provide great comfort to us all as we sit tight until the situation changes. Stay safe, Aussies, and do not neglect to value your sleep.

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