Mattress Review for 2024

Updated on December 13, 2022
Zenna Mattress

Zenna Mattress

When you purchase a Zenna mattress, you’re investing in your health and well being. The quality of sleep you’ll get will more than repay the cost of the Zenna mattress over the expected 20-25 years of its lifespan.
  • Build Quality - 8/10
  • Comfort - 7/10
  • Value for Money - 9/10
  • Hypo-allergenic core
  • Medium-firm on one side, firmer on the other
  • 7 comfort zones
  • Less bounciness compared to some competitors
  • Not super cheap
Final Rating

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Does sleeping in your bed ever trigger allergic reactions, causing your eyes to burn or your sinuses to become congested? Do you toss and turn as you unsuccessfuly try to get comfortable? Do you ever lie in bed, wide awake, feeling the pressure of those aches in your back or legs from your day’s work, and wish you could be floating in comforting water instead of lying on a hard mattress?  

Ah, yes—we feel your pain. Medical research shows that a good night’s sleep is critical for our health and well-being—both mental and physical. You can try meditation or medication to help you sleep, but the real secret to getting a good night’s rest is your mattress.

Too many of us are sleeping on a mattress that’s old, lumpy, uneven, and filled with allergens like dust and dust mites. The technology for mattress developed has changed radically in the past 20 years, so if you have an outdated mattress, it’s time for an upgrade.

Zenna Mattress

Zenna Mattress Has Found the Sleep Solution

Zenna Mattress may have what you need. The Australian company manufactures a pure, hypo-allergenic latex mattress with a 100% Natural Certified Latex core. Unlike old-school mattresses your parents grew up with, the Zenna mattress has no layers, fillers, coiled wires, foams, glues, harmful chemicals, metal, or chalks.

This mattress is, remarkably, totally free from allergens such as mildew and dust mites. It’s also phenomenally supportive and comfortable, enhancing your ability to sleep well.

Of course, you don’t want to break your budget either. At Zenna, a queen-sized latex mattress will only set you back AUD 1,595, and shipping is free. That’s a genuine bargain for the Zenna pure latex mattress, which was the top latex mattress of 2020 based on awards from Productreview.com.au.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Zenna uses only certified 100% natural, eco-friendly, and all-organic Euro latex and OEKO-TEX ® Class 1 latex to manufacture its mattresses. The company’s goal has been to create sleep solutions for both residential and hospitality destinations that are environmentally sustainable and comply with the strict European latex mattress construction standards.

Because Zenna is so diligent in its latex sourcing and manufacturing process, the mattress has been certified 100% natural and free of hazardous materials by the ECO INSTITUT of Cologne, Germany. Products bearing the eco-INSTITUT label are reliably low in emissions (outgassing) and dangerous substances. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, Zenna mattresses come with a bamboo cover.

Exceptional Comfort

If helping to ensure comfort, the Zenna has different comfort zones. The designers are well aware that our hips require a different amount of support than our heads and other areas. Overall the mattress is designed to be medium-firm on its primary side, but it is also possible to flip it for a firmer foundation.

Impressive Customer and Industry Reviews

Given these great features, it isn’t surprising to learn that the Zenna has an average score of 4.9 stars on Productreview.com.au. Customers love the mattresses, with comments like “Best mattress choice I have ever made!” and “Great Mattress for a great price.”

The Zenna is so well-liked that it was one of only three mattresses to receive the 2020 award for Furniture & Bedding / Mattresses at Productreview.com.au.

Buying a Zenna Mattress

That highlights the bottom line—the Zenna is a high-quality mattress at an excellent price. The Zenna mattress delivers affordability, comfort, and durability in an all-natural latex mattress. With two firmness levels, it is ideal for many types of sleepers

Prices begin at $995 (single) and go to $1,795 (king). And with a 100-night trial period, you can have plenty of time to give the mattress a test before committing to the purchase. If you don’t like it, you can send it back at any time during the 100-night trial period.

The mattress comes rolled and vacuum packed for ease of transport, and it has a 10-year guarantee but should last 20-25 years.

The Zenna Mattress Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Zenna so attractive as a latex mattress.

Materials and Layers

The core of the Zenna mattress is a combination of Euro latex and OEKO-TEX ® Class 1 latex. The mattress complies with the standards of the Belgian government for environmental care.

Unlike other manufacturers that glue various layers together, Zenna produces its mattresses using the traditional Dunlop method of creating and molding latex foam. This process yields a mattress core with a single ventilated block and no glues, chalks, metals, or chemicals—just 100% pure all-natural latex.

To keep you cool while sleeping, the Zenna uses the latest mattress ventilation technology. The design adds ventilation holes in the sides, top, and bottom. These combine with the open-cell construction of the mattress for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Keeping with the all-natural theme, the Zenna mattress also comes with a removable, washable bamboo cover. In addition to being soft and durable, it is also great at wicking away moisture.

Firmness Level

The Zenna mattress in its default configuration is a medium-firm mattress that falls around 6 on a scale of 1-10. But what’s really great about the Zenna is that it is constructed with seven different comfort zones to ensure the perfect firmness for all areas of the body. That means that the area around the hips and shoulders is softer, to reduce pressure, while the area around the back and head is firmer, to provide more support.

For those who prefer a slightly firmer mattress, the manufacturers have constructed the Zenna to be flippable. The second side provides a firmer sleeping experience that falls around a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

Pressure Relief and Motion Isolation

As mentioned above, the design of the Zenna keeps proper pressure-relief characteristics in mind. Your hips and shoulders will sink into the mattress more, which encourages greater blood flow to those areas and reduces pressure and risk of inflammation. It also has the effect of lowering your amount of movement since the mattress cradles your body in all its regions.

As far as motion isolation, the mattress’s ability to absorb movement is excellent as the Dunlop-processed latex provides superior motion isolation. This quality makes the Zenna a superb choice for couples since it prevents one partner disturbing the other when they move about or get in and out of bed. One downside to this is that the mattress has less bounce, and some people feel this makes it less desirable for sex.

Weight and Thickness

The Zenna mattress comes in five different sizes – Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King. The mattresses are all 20-cm thick, but the latex construction makes them feel much thicker and luxurious. The queen and king sizes can be quite heavy; however, the excess weight gets offset somewhat because the mattresses arrive compressed in a waterproof pouch with convenient carry straps.

Trial Period and Shipping

Because the Zenna mattress is only available online, there’s no way to try it out in a store. That’s not such a big deal, however, since Zenna provides a 100-night trial period. If at any time during the initial 100 nights following the purchase of a Zenna you decide it isn’t for you, simply call or email Zenna.

The company will arrange for pick-up of the mattress and a refund of your purchase price. Note that you must keep the mattress for a minimum of 14 days, and there is a $150 restocking fee if you decide to return the mattress.

In terms of shipping, Zenna offers free shipping anywhere in Australia, except WA. Shipping takes 5-7 business days, and the mattress comes to your doorstep. If you require additional assistance at delivery (carrying up a flight of stairs, for example), be sure to indicate that as an additional comment at the time of order. A Zenna consultant will then contact you with the payment details for the added service.


Because Zenna is a mattress-in-a-box company, all of its mattresses come delivered rolled and compressed to roughly 1/5 of their standard size. This makes them relatively easy to transport. And since latex readily springs back, once you open the package and the vacuum dissipates, the mattress will return to its original state. While it is possible to sleep on the mattress immediately, it could take up to 72 hours for the mattress to completely spring back to its original condition.

Best Suited For

Because the Zenna mattress is a medium-firm or firm mattress, it is best suited for average-sized or larger individuals. Petite people might find the mattress too firm for their liking. In addition, the latex construction and firmness of the mattress make it ideal for those who need support around their back and neck but pressure relief in the hips and shoulders.

The seven comfort zones of the Zenna mattress makes it suitable for all types of sleepers. Whether you are a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper, you’ll be able to get a solid night’s sleep on a Zenna latex mattress.

Zenna Mattress vs. Other Mattresses

Zenna vs. Macoda

The key difference between the Zenna and Macoda mattresses is that the Macoda is a hybrid mattress. It includes a layer of latex, but it also has memory foam and pocket springs. While this makes an excellent all-around mattress, it doesn’t give the combination of support and pressure relief found with an all-latex mattress like the Zenna. In terms of firmness, the Zenna is slightly firmer. Both mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers, both sleep cool, and both feature removable, washable bamboo covers.

Zenna vs. Ecosa

The Ecosa mattress consists of a proprietary foam material, memory foam, and a core of support foam. The combination makes for a mattress with similar firmness to the default Zenna mattress configuration. Both mattresses are good choices for all sleepers and good for those who need both support and pressure relief. Ecosa mattresses have received acclaim for the cool sleeping environment they provide. The one downside is that they are not all-organic and all-natural like the Zenna. With all else being pretty equal, we would have to go with the Zenna for its all-natural construction and hypo-allergenic qualities.

Zenna vs. Onebed

The Onebed is primarily constructed of foam, although it does feature a top layer of Dunlop-produced latex, which helps with motion isolation and pressure relief, but not to the same degree as the Zenna. The Zenna is 100% Dunlop latex, but the Onebed has just a 4-cm layer of Dunlop latex on top of a 4-cm layer of memory foam, which is all on top of an 18-cm layer of HD polyurethane foam. One of the downsides to the Onebed, particularly in the Australian summer months, is that the foam can cause the mattress to retain some heat. Heavier and larger individuals might also find that the foam core of the Onebed tends to get compressed over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sleepers can benefit from the Zenna mattress?

Because the Zenna mattress has a design that includes seven unique comfort zones, it is suitable for all types of sleepers.

Back and stomach sleepers can benefit from the mattress’s firmness that will help relieve back pains, while side sleepers will appreciate the pressure relief found in the hip and shoulder areas. And, of course, combo sleepers can benefit from all of the comfort zones.

How should I care for my Zenna mattress?

The best way to care for any mattress is to purchase a quality mattress protector that will protect it from dust, dirt, spills, and other mishaps. Fortunately, the Zenna already comes with an all-natural, removable, and washable bamboo cover.

Removing the cover once every six months and washing it in cold soapy water or dry cleaning will preserve its life, and it will help keep your Zenna mattress looking and smelling new.

How long is the warranty on the Zenna mattress?

Zenna provides a 10-year warranty for all of its mattresses. However, based on the typical lifespan of quality latex mattresses, the expected lifespan of the mattresses should be 20-25 years. Because the Zenna is 100% latex with no fillers, glue, or chalk, it can reach the longest lifespan as there is nothing other than the latex to break down and make the mattress unsuitable for use.

Is the Zenna a good value for money?

At $1,795 for the king-size mattress, the Zenna is not the cheapest mattress available because it is not manufactured in a cheap way with cheap materials. It’s a quality product, and you get what you pay for. When you purchase a Zenna mattress, you’re investing in your health and well being.

The quality of sleep you’ll get will more than repay the cost of the Zenna mattress over the expected 20-25 years of its lifespan. You can even take advantage of financing with 0% interest using ZipPay to make the mattress cost easier to bear.