Ausbeds Mattress Review 2024

Updated on September 6, 2022

Not everyone can be expected to like dragging their feet from one showroom to another when it’s time to furnish a house or replace a piece of furniture – just the idea of going to an Ikea store, for example, might be enough to make one stressed out. Showrooms that feature lots of mattresses, on the other hand, might be appealing to more people than you can imagine, especially when the customers are allowed to hop onto the mattresses or at least witness how the mattresses are made and by whom.  

In that sense, those who live in or near Marrickville, Sydney are really lucky because the NSW suburb houses the mattress factory and showroom of one of the best mattress producers in Australia: Ausbeds. If you don’t believe me, just check what the other Australians think of Ausbeds on ProductReview.Com.Au by looking at the customer reviews and decide for yourself.

Should you do your own research into the company, you’ll see that they have three types of mattress, all of which are good quality: the Cooper Mattress, the Sienna Mattress, and the Aurora Mattress. Below, I am going to offer a breakdown of all three of them, so you can decide which one of these high-quality products is the right mattress for you.

Ausbeds mattress with kid

Ausbeds Mattresses Reviewed In-Depth

Ausbeds Cooper Review

Works best for:

  • Kids, youngsters, and those who are looking for an economical option
  • Side sleepers
  • Those who don’t like extremely firm mattresses

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress for your kids with a great price for any budget (ranging between $500 and $1,250, depending on the size), it can’t really get much better than the 31-cm thick, innerspring Ausbeds Cooper. However, one way to measure the sturdiness of a certain product is to check out how the warranty the company provides for it fares in comparison to others, and if you do that, you’ll see the Cooper has only a 7-year warranty whereas the two other Ausbeds options have a 10-year one.

Does that mean the mattress in question is particularly prone to sagging or that it isn’t durable? Honestly, no. One thing you can be sure about the Cooper is that it doesn’t sag all that easily. Add to that the level of comfort it provides thanks to its gel memory foam and pocket springs, and it will be absolutely worth what you paid.

It’s not an especially firm mattress as it only has three firmness options: medium-soft (4), medium (6), and medium-firm (8), so be mindful of that. Also, its edge support is only at a medium level and therein lies, I think, the briefer warranty period.

Size Options Available for Ausbeds Cooper Mattress: Queen, Double, King Single, Single, and King-size.

Ausbeds Sienna Review

Works best for:

  • Side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Those who value their comfort more than anything
  • Those who care about the environment
  • Those who suffer from neck/back aches

Unlike the Cooper above, Ausbeds Sienna is a latex mattress and its 2-cm upper quilt layer is designed with an environment-friendly material called tencel. Being a friend to the environment is not the only positive aspect of tencel, of course – it also has a breathable texture, which reduces heat retention a great deal and contributes to the overall comfort of the mattress, no matter what your preferred sleeping position is. If you don’t like having upper layers on your mattress, don’t worry – they are affixed by a zipper and can be removed when needed.

Despite all that it provides, the prices between $1,300 and $2,000 make it costlier than the Cooper. However, if you’re ready to allocate more of your budget to prioritize your comfort above all else, you can’t go wrong with the Sienna.

In terms of firmness, on the other hand, it’s no different than the Cooper and offers the same options. So, if your expectations from a new mattress are extreme firmness, it’s not the one for you, either. Moreover, customers complain about its heaviness, and I can see how that might pose a problem while cleaning or moving it.

Size Options Available for Ausbeds Sienna Mattress: Queen, Double, King Single, Single, and King-size.

Ausbeds Aurora Review

Works best for:

  • Those who don’t mind cashing in a bit extra for extreme comfort
  • Those who suffer from neck/back aches
  • Those who are looking for a resilient mattress

The Aurora is the latest addition to the Ausbeds catalogue, and as a latest addition to any catalogue should be, it’s their best product so far.

I cannot attribute the upgrade in quality solely to technological innovation, although tech certainly has made its contribution. The honeycomb pattern used for nesting the 19-cm pocket springs, the natural, 100% latex used in its making with a Dunlop pour method, the micro-spring feature, and the very strong edge support are all made with innovative, top-of-the line technology.

The extreme comfort that the Aurora provides, on the other hand, is mostly due to a millennia-old act: knitting. The 2-cm thick, resilient, top-layer fabric is knitted from soft stretch material and supported with highly flexible quilting foam. With that, I don’t see you tossing and turning from one side to the other in discomfort during your sleep, or feeling aches in your neck or back even before you wake up in the mornings.

It has the same firmness options as the two above: medium-soft (4), medium (6), and medium-firm (8), so we can conclude that Ausbeds is not really the go-to address for those looking for real firmness in their mattresses. Also, it’s the most expensive option they have on offer, which is not surprising when you consider that it’s their newest product. Still, I can imagine how and why it might cause a couple of head scratches before you reach a decision.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Cooper: Mattresses made of polyurethane foam are not exactly known for their motion isolation and unfortunately, Cooper is no exception. If your sleeping partner is particularly active during their sleep, you’ll be feeling their movements and your sleep will be disrupted.

Sienna & Aurora: Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are great at isolating the motion on the other end of the bed and unless they really have a case against you, your sleeping partner will not be able to disturb you when they are getting in and out of bed. If you have a natural latex mattress and still feel disturbed by the movements of your partner during sleep, a change of partner might be a better idea than blaming the mattress.

Body Support

Cooper: A polyfoam mattress might be many things, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer great support for the body or spine, so if you are elderly or suffering from back pains, you might want to opt for better options.

Sienna & Aurora: Latex mattresses such as Sienna & Aurora would make great choices for every age group, and it’s no wonder that they are the favorites of osteopaths, physical therapists, and chiropractors. As the health professionals would attest to, natural latex is very good for maintaining and even regaining your natural spine alignment, as its pressure distribution is as good as it gets. Therefore, if you have the habit of waking up with neck, back or joint aches, replacing your old mattress with a Sienna or Aurora might work wonders for your health.

Heat Retention & Air Circulation

Cooper: Neither memory foam nor polyfoam actually do great when it comes to retaining heat. Although the number of people complaining about the overheating capacities of the Cooper is quite low, there is still a possibility that you might be one of those as the material it’s made of can absorb your body heat and it might stay within the mattress, which will then warm you throughout the night. This is because the mattress is not especially breathable.

Sienna & Aurora: Not only is latex a naturally breathable source material for mattresses, but also latex mattresses are created with maximized airflow in mind. To that end, in addition to the fibers, lots of pinholes are included, and thanks to those, you won’t experience disturbances and annoyances from your mattress releasing heat.


Cooper: It only makes sense to evaluate a mattress in terms of how it might contribute to your sexual life right after evaluating them on the basis of heat retention because a mattress that won’t be able to handle the heat of coital activities won’t be preferable, either. You can already guess that Cooper is not a great mattress for sex, though. It absorbs heat and is not a naturally breathable mattress, so you’ll sweat a lot. However, it won’t make much noise during your movements, and if that’s your priority, I’d just say why not, but also would remind you that it only has a 7-year warranty and isn’t as durable as the other two options.

Sienna & Aurora: I have had only good words for these two mattresses so far, and there is no reason for me to criticize them on this front either. They are silent, breathable, and extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them out by having too much sex on them.

Allergenic Properties

All three of the mattresses I have reviewed above are hypoallergenic, they offer great resistance against mold and mites, and you don’t have to do too much to maintain them, except to ventilate them at least once a month, which shouldn’t be all that difficult. In short, I can easily recommend each to people with sensitivities to allergies.

Services Provided by the Company: Shipping, Trial, Website, and Other Services


If you checked the link I provided for ProductReviews in the introductory part of this article, you have probably read that the owner of the company, Karl, gets loads of plaudits for having a hands-on approach to business, so he’s mostly the one answering the phone when you want to call their customer service and seek advice.

Thanks to that hands-on approach, they do not trust other companies with their cargo either, and normally they have a same-day delivery policy if you are residing nearby the factory (which might have been subject to change due to the pandemic). However, they only deliver within a 100-km radius and only the first 15 kilometers of that are in the range of free delivery. People who live far away from Marrickville will either have to go there and carry the mattress themselves or be deprived of the Ausbeds experience.


The recent pandemic has forced us to face a brand new world, and businesses have suffered from that to a great extent. Therefore, I believe you can understand why the in-store trial of mattresses isn’t allowed anymore – not that it was that hygienic before anyway.

However, Ausbeds grant you a 100-day trial period. If you don’t like it, they refund it minus the delivery expenses, which sounds quite fair. Especially when you consider that the average adjustment period to an Ausbeds mattress is only a matter of days, it’s a deal I can be happy with.


I might be too hung-up on this aspect for your liking, but for the website of a company that excels in a particular area of interest, I expect to see clear-cut tech specs and a detailed breakdown of their products supported by FAQ sections. While the Ausbeds website can be called user-friendly with big, easily readable fonts and a cordial aura, it falls short in terms of information.

You can see it for yourself by visiting

Other Services

  • If your mattress starts sagging after 100 days but still within the warranty period, they’ll replace the problematic parts.
  • If you are in no position to help their one-person delivery when the mattress arrives at your doorstep, you should ask for a two-person delivery, which costs only $50. They’ll do everything necessary.

Ausbeds Mattresses vs. Other Great Mattresses

Ausbeds vs. Koala

Unlike Koala, the Ausbeds mattresses are not in-box, and unlike the Ausbeds, the Koala mattress doesn’t feature pocket springs. Moreover, whereas the Sienna and Aurora models of Ausbeds are latex mattresses, Koala employs only polyurethane foam in the making of their mattresses.

Environmentally speaking, on the other hand, it’s obvious that Koala has a more manifest concern because of the name of the company. To that end, they prefer using more eco-friendly materials in the production of their mattresses and they only produce one type of mattress. Although I can also say that the Ausbeds mattresses are made with environmental concerns in mind, Koala undoubtedly holds the upper hand on the matter.

Ausbeds vs. Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck is one of the most celebrated online mattress retailers in Australia. With just this piece of information, you can guess what advantages they hold over Ausbeds: they are more versatile in terms of delivery and they surely have a better website.

Additionally, their single product has other superior elements such as a unique pocket springs system, high density foam, and use of bamboo to add an extra layer of comfort and breathability to their mattress.

Of course, I should also say Ausbeds house not only more options but also more budget-friendly options than the Sleeping Duck Mattress, which is a pro for them.

Final Words

There are these small businesses with humble origins that produce some of the best goods in their field and provide great service at the same time, even though they are unheard of by the majority for most of the time. We all love them, and whenever we think of them, we find ourselves caught between two minds: should we let everyone know about them, or should we keep that gem to ourselves?

I cannot say Ausbeds is that little gem anymore because they have since had their fair share of recognition from many Australians, and they totally deserve it. Regardless, the virtues of Cooper – a great option for a kid’s bed, Sienna, and Aurora, both of which can easily elevate the quality of your sleep, are still a great testament to the work ethic of modest businesses that aim for greater heights.

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