What Is the Biggest Bed You Can Buy?

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Updated on December 13, 2022

After a hectic day at the office, all you want is to sink into your bed and unwind. But soon after you stretch yourself out on the bed, your three-year-old walks into the room to hang out with you and listen to their bedtime story. In the meantime, when you are waiting for your little guy or girl to drift off, your beloved doggo joins you to steal some cuddles (and bed space).

Oh-no! All the musings you had of comfortable rest went down the drain!

So, what’s the biggest bed you can buy and share with your family without being uncomfortable?

The quick answer is that there are different oversized options, but the biggest one is the Alaskan king bed. It is truly enormous – it can accommodate everyone in your family (unless you have a Cheaper by the Dozen situation on your hands) and it provides comfortable sleep.

Read on to know more about the Alaskan king bed and how you can buy one.

Get set, go!

Alaskan King: The Biggest Bed You Can Get

We all know about the different types of standard bed sizes, such as single, twin, twin XL, queen, king single, super single, and so on. These beds have dominated our bedrooms and guest rooms for a long time.

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Until the 1960s, the king-sized beds were the largest. Today, the options we have for oversized beds are quite diverse.

These include the Wyoming king, Texas king, California king, Eastern king, and lastly, the bed giant – the Alaskan king mattress!

The Alaskan king is named after the largest American state Alaska. The biggest state and the biggest mattress, you get it!

How Big Is the Alaskan King?

This enormous commercial bed, the Alaskan king, has measurements of 9’x9′ or 108 inches wide x 108 inches long. That’s a lot of bed, no?

Thus, Alaskan king beds are a great option to fit your entire family and pets all in one place. In addition, an Alaskan king is a perfect bed for larger bedrooms like master bedrooms or even basements.

Who Should Buy an Alaskan King Mattress?

The sleeping habits and sleeping positions of every individual are unique. A bed with generous dimensions can be one of the solutions to the sleep problems of co-sleepers.

You can consider getting an Alaskan king if you are:

A Couple with Different Sleep Schedules

If you and your partner have different work and sleep schedules, you might not like to disturb your sleep cycle because of your partner’s routine. In addition, a large bed with an oversized mattress can help reduce the motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Thus, you can remain in deep sleep while your partner gets in or out of the bed.

Tall Sleepers or Larger Sized Couple or Individual

When you are an oversized single sleeper, a standard king-sized mattress can fare well for you. But for couples, it won’t work. So when you both need some extra space to stretch out, an Alaskan king bed is a smart choice.

Co-Sleeping Family

man in white crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in white crew neck t-shirt

If you are a family who often cozies up for movie night, an oversized Alaskan king bed can give you an abundance of space to snuggle together.

Alaskan King: The Biggest Bed Buying Guide

When you are looking for an Alaskan king Bed on the market, you must prepare yourself for some hard work. This is because the bed itself, the oversized mattress dimensions, and additional accessories are hard to find.

Below are some considerations to keep in mind before you buy your Alaskan king:

Bedroom Space

Bedrooms contain furniture other than beds. So, you should measure your bedroom’s dimensions with a measuring tape before you buy an Alaskan king size mattress. Make sure you’ve already prepared the space for your biggest bed to fit into your bedroom easily.

white bed frame

Oversized Mattresses

No doubt, the Alaskan king is the biggest bed, but you may want to make sure that it fits your expectations and needs. For that purpose, you should consider things like:

  • Sleeping position
  • Height of the sleepers
  • Number of sleepers

Additionally, the unusual size of the bed can cause some trouble with transport, so make sure everything is taken care of by the seller before placing an order.


Before you buy your oversized bed, take the cost of everything into account. This includes the Alaskan king frame, mattress, and its bedding. Then, if you are willing to spend your dollars in the range of $2,000 to $7,000 for your Alaskan king size mattress, you are ready to make a purchase.

Some Other Standard and Oversized Beds Types at a Glance

So far, we’ve talked enough about the enormous Alaskan bed. Let’s take a quick look at some other bed types so that you can get a better idea of how the Alaskan bed has managed to grab the top spot in the rankings for the biggest bed.

Twin Bed

A single twin or bunk bed is a bed for smaller spaces. It doesn’t fall under the category of oversized beds as it only measures 37″ x 75.” You can set twin beds side by side and they can fit two people.

Twin XL

white and black bed linen

Twin XL is 5″ longer than a regular twin bed and boasts dimensions between 37″ and 38″ in length. The Twin XL gives you extra legroom to move while you are asleep. But, again, it’s not an oversized bed.

Wyoming King

A Wyoming king bed measures 84 x 84 inches. This square shape mattress offers 42 inches of personal sleep area per person, which is 4 inches more per side compared to a standard king size bed, according to Mattress Firm.

The extra width allows you to comfortably stretch out across both sides of the bed without feeling crowded. You also have enough room to move around while lying down or sitting up.

California King Bed

The California king bed is an excellent bed choice for those who are taller. Whether you are a single tall individual or a tall couple, the California king bed has enough space for you to sleep in. Its measurements are 72″ width by 84″ length.

Texas King

A Texas king bed measures the same width as a traditional king-sized mattress, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Compared to a standard king bed, the Texas version is almost 2 feet longer, making it one of the largest beds available. And while most companies don’t offer this type of bed, there are some options out there.

In terms of sizing, a Texas king is similar to a California king, although the latter is typically slightly narrower. You’ll likely find it easier to find matching sheets, pillows, and blankets, however.

Super King 

The super king mattress is one of the most popular sizes in Australia. It offers plenty of room for two adults to sleep comfortably, while still being able to fit in a third person.

quilted white comforter

Although not common in Australia (around 1%), a super king size mattress is perfect for larger families who may want to watch movies together.

Some people also use a superking mattress to allow extra space to accommodate their pets.

Prices range from around $1500 to many thousands.

King Size Bed

King size bed – also known as the Eastern king – measures 76″ x 80″ and offers plenty of space to spread out. The King size bed dimensions make it the best fit for couples and sleepers whose preferred sleeping positions require a bit more personal space.

Finding a king size mattress is also a daunting task because almost every company manufactures mattresses for standard king size. However, you don’t have to worry because you can check out our Best King Bed Frames and Best King Mattresses in Australia here.

King Single or Super Single Bed

Do you have a growing teenager or teen at home who’d like to share the sleeping space with you? If so, king single is the bed for you. The bed measures 42″ x 80″ and is ideal for single individuals and couples in need of extra space or for accommodating kiddos with you.

Queen Size Bed

Queen-sized beds are the most sought-after type of bed for master bedrooms. It measures 60″ x 80″ and is suitable for couples and single sleepers who are not too tall.


Conclusion: Is an Alaskan King the Best Fit for You?

An Alaskan king is a perfect choice if you can dedicate ample space to it in your master bedroom and, of course, if you have the budget. Plus, you should be ready to do the extra research to track down all the accessories for an Alaskan king.

But if you have a big family that likes to cuddle with you – it’s the bed for you.

Who doesn’t like some extra space while sleeping, after all?

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