Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses

A bed with an adjustable base has advantages, especially if it’s automatic. With the press of a button, you can raise the bed to the perfect angle for reading and watching movies. An adjustable bed also has health benefits that include relieving back pain, easing respiratory problems, and improving sleep quality.

You can relieve symptoms associated with sleep apnea, acid reflux disease, and an adjustable bed frame can help you sleep better at night. However, if you have a new mattress, you may be worried the moving parts can shorten its lifespan.

Can an Adjustable Bed Damage a New Mattress? 

If you’re worried an adjustable bed base will damage your mattress, you may have a reason for your concerns. Not all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base. If the base ruins the mattress, it’s usually not covered under warranty.

Your best option is to purchase a mattress and adjustable frame together. Top-rated brands like Leesa, Casper, and Zomasleep offer affordable packages that include both the mattress and frame.

You can purchase the frame separately from the mattress. You can even use your old mattress with a new adjustable frame, as long as the two are compatible.

What to Look For in a Mattress for an Adjustable Bed Base 

Not all mattresses are intended for use with an adjustable bed frame. Some aren’t designed to bend when the frame is raised and lowered. Others are too heavy and can damage the moving parts. When you’re ready to switch from a standard bed frame to an adjustable one, there are three factors to look for in a mattress.

1. Weight 

Some mattresses weigh more than others, and this usually depends on the fill and support system. The adjustable base has moving parts that will show wear and tear when used with a heavy mattress.

If you’re buying the bed frame and mattress separately, make sure the weight is compatible. You can find the maximum weight supported in the product specs listed for the adjustable bed frame.

2. Thickness 

Mattress thickness affects more than your comfort. It also determines how it works with an adjustable bed frame. Thinner mattresses are a better fit. It’s easier for the frame to bend slimmer mattresses into the preset positions.

Industry experts recommend using a mattress that measures between 10 to 12 inches. Larger mattresses can damage the frame. You also don’t want to sleep on anything less than 10” thick. Lower back pain, sleep and health problems can intensify on thinner mattresses.

3. Flexibility 

Flexibility isn’t something you usually think about in a mattress. It is a crucial consideration when the mattress is going on an adjustable frame. The frame is preset to adjust to various positions, which affects the mattress.

Firmer, more rigid mattresses aren’t designed to bend with the bed frame’s movement. It can shorten the mattress’s lifespan and cause additional wear and tear on the bed frame’s mechanical parts.

Softer mattresses bend more easily, reducing wear and tear. It also lessens strain on the bed frame as it moves the mattress into the preset position. If you’re worried about comfort on a softer mattress, the bed frame is adjustable. You can find a mattress position that’s comfortable and induces a great night’s sleep.

Best Mattress for an Adjustable Base 

There’s no shortage of mattress types, and each one provides some level of comfort. However, some work better than others for an adjustable frame.

Innerspring mattresses are not the best choice to use with an adjustable bed frame. The metal coils provide excellent support but will not bend under pressure. Using an innerspring mattress with a frame that adjusts causes wear and tear that the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t always cover.

Even though mattresses with inner coils are great for providing support, you can get the same benefits from other types that are compatible with an adjustable bed base.

Memory Foam Mattress 

Memory foam mattresses contour to your body shape. The foam “remembers” whether you’re a side sleeper or perform dozing on your back. When you lay down the memory foam cells automatically shape to your body, providing the right amount of support exactly where you need it.

Memory foam mattresses are also flexible. The soft material easily bends when the base is adjusted. The lack of steel coils allows the mattress to move without straining the frame’s moveable parts. You get the support you need at night, in the best position, without damaging the mattress or the bed frame.

Latex Mattress 

Latex mattresses aren’t everyone’s favorite. A high-quality 100% natural latex rubber mattress can be too expensive for some budgets. There are also problems with odor, and buoyancy can diminish when the mattress is on an adjustable bed frame.

You can solve the problem with the mattress feeling deflated by choosing a thinner one. If you don’t want to replace your original latex mattress, avoid placing the bed frame in extreme upright positions. Latex is flexible, but not as much as memory foam. Some positions can make the mattress feel bumpy or uneven.

Hybrid Mattress 

Hybrid mattresses offer sleepers the best of everything — they have supportive coils and body-contouring layers of foam. You get the right amount of support, along with comfortable softness. Hybrid mattresses also come with an attractive price tag and work well with adjustable bed frames.

Even though hybrid mattresses contain coils similar to innerspring, they still bend and flex well without any resistance. Instead of connected supportive springs, the mattress has pocketed coils in two inches or more of soft foam.

FAQ About Adjustable Beds 

Adjustable beds seem pretty simple. You press a button, and a specific section of the bed raises or lowers. It is how the bed frame functions, but it doesn’t explain everything. 

A new frame can change dimensions when it comes to bedding. There’s also the question of how to keep the sheets tucked-in when the bed is raised for reading.

Will regular fitted sheets work with an adjustable frame?

Sheets sized to fit the mattress are fine to use with an adjustable bed frame. The frame doesn’t change the mattress dimensions, it only moves it into certain positions. If you’re worried about the fitted sheet sliding off, you have options.

Suspends and straps designed for sheets wrap around the mattress and keep everything in place. You can also buy fitted sheets with deep pockets. The extra room gives you more material to tuck in underneath the mattress.

Is it comfortable to side sleep on an adjustable bed?

Side sleepers know that it’s not easy finding a mattress that provides support where they need it. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses help, but you are still in pain in the morning. With an adjustable bed, you can place the frame in an incline position. You get the support you need while comfortably sleeping on your side.

Can an adjustable bed frame help with lower back pain?

Lower back pain can make it difficult to enjoy life. It hurts to move and it’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. An adjustable frame can alleviate the pain, and help you sleep better at night. Sleeping on an incline relieves lower back pain while also supporting your spine’s natural curvature.


An adjustable bed can damage your mattress when it’s not compatible. You want to look for a latex, hybrid, or memory foam mattress. It’s flexible, supportive, and lightweight. You’ll sleep comfortably at night without worrying about wear and tear and the mattress or bed frame.

With the right mattress and adjustable frame, you can sleep comfortably in any position and watch TV without straining your neck or back.