What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

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Updated on October 1, 2023

What are deep pocket sheets? How do they differ from regular bedsheets and flat sheets? Even more so, how are they different from standard fitted sheets?

Those are all valid questions, and we’ll answer them all in this article one by one. By the end of this post, you’ll learn how to choose the best deep fitted sheet for your mattress (and find out if you indeed need one) to improve the quality of your sleep.

What Are Deep Pocket Sheets and How to Use Them

The deep pocket sheet is designed to be snugly over the mattress of your bed. They also come with extra padding to give you extra comfort. They tend to be more substantial than standard bedsheets or fitted ones, ensuring greater support for your body and adding further protection to your mattress. They also prevent the possibility of sheets sliding off the mattress (which typically happens with fitted and flat sheets).

A standard fitted sheet is 14 inches in depth, while a deep fitted sheet is fifteen to twenty-four inches. The additional size allows it to be placed tightly on top of thicker mattresses, preventing it from sliding off and clumping up as you turn and toss while sleeping.

If you are considering using a deep pocket sheet, simply think of it as a normal fitted sheet and use it as a top sheet to cover your bed.

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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Pocket Sheets

Who It’s Best For

The deep pocket sheet is great for those that sleep on their stomachs. Due to the way they’re made, they offer the support and comfort you need to rest your body all night long. These sheets are also perfect for those who prefer sleeping on their sides or their backs. Although there aren’t any particular advantages to using fitted sheets with deep pockets instead of normal fitted sheets, some individuals feel more secure if they have more padding under them.

Measuring Your Mattress

Before purchasing a brand new bedding set, you should measure your mattress first. Is your mattress a single, twin, twin xl, queen bedking size bed, etc.? You can use a tape measure to check that the measurements are precise before buying a new one. For instance, if your mattress (along with the mattress toppers, protectors, etc.) measures 16 inches in height, a deep fitted sheet with approximately 18 inches of pocket depth would be a good idea.

Non-Number Measurements – Standard, Deep, Extra Deep

If you are looking for sheets with deep pockets, it is possible that the packaging is not based on number measurements. If that’s the case, remember the fact that “standard” would fit mattresses with a depth of 12 inches, “deep” can accommodate up to 15 inches, and “extra deep pocket sheets” are designed to fit up to 22 inches (or even more).

It is possible to choose a bigger-sized sheet, as you can place the extra fabric beneath your mattress. But, too much material could make it unable to fit comfortably on your mattress, which could defeat the purpose of why you got an extra-deep fitted sheet in the first place.

Sheet Materials

Cotton is the most well-known fabric option for deep pockets. Cotton sheet sets are breathable, keeping you cool during summer. Polyester is another popular option – it’s like cotton but is generally smoother and more supple. Certain manufacturers combine a mixture of both materials to make both comfortable and soft fabrics.

Many other choices are available, such as microfiber sheet sets, wool bed sheet sets, silk bed linen, flannel sheet, bamboo sheets, sateen, and many more. Each of these fabrics has distinctive features that make them appropriate for certain people.

Colored sheets

How to Choose Deep Pocket Mattress Sheets

When selecting which sheet for deep pockets to purchase, there are various aspects to consider. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Size Sheets – The dimension of the deep-pocket sheet that you purchase is determined by the thickness of your mattress.
  • Thickness – If you intend to place deep fitted sheets over your mattress of choice, you might prefer an extra thick version.
  • Material – You can select from polyester, cotton (cotton sateen, Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, thread count cotton, etc.), microfiber sheets, silk, bamboo, linen sheets, flannels, sateen sheets, and many more.
  • Shape – Various choices are available, including square, round, and rectangle.
  • Price – As with everything, you always get what you pay for. Thus, sheets & pillowcases that are more expensive will last longer than cheaper ones. However, you can save money if you have store coupons when purchasing bed sheet sets.
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The Benefits of Deep Fitted Sheets

You should invest in sheets with deep pockets for a lot of reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Comfort – A deep-pocket sheet set gives you an ultra-soft, warm layer of insulation to keep you cool from the moment you wake up.
  2. Protection – Dust mites prefer to dwell in mattresses. It is, therefore, crucial to shield your mattress by having a thick pocket sheet rather than an ordinary one.
  3. Cleanliness – Sheets with deep pockets are simple to wash since they’re made of easy-care materials. All you need to do is rinse them with water, then hang them to dry in the air, and voilà!
  4. Convenience – It takes only minutes for you to cover your bed with a large pocket sheet set. This means that you can easily get ready to sleep after completing the setup.
  5. Flexibility – Since the deep pockets sheets were created to be used with any mattress, you can swap them out whenever you want. You can put them on spring, memory foam, or even hybrid mattresses.
  6. Style – Various patterns and colors make finding something that complements your decor much easier.
  7. Durability – Contrary to regular fitted sheets, pocket sheets are designed to be more sturdy and resistant to wrinkles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered to be a sheet with a deep pocket?

Sheets with deep pockets are typically between 15 and 17 inches deep. However, deep pockets can be as high as 24 inches. For comparison, shallow pockets measure 12 to 14 inches in depth.

Why does my fitted sheet keep falling off?

The problem is that standard fitted sheets aren’t designed to sit comfortably on deep mattresses. In contrast, pockets are designed with elastic corners that prevent them from falling off in the middle of the night as you move about in your sleep.

What’s the distinction between fitted sheets and deep pocket bed sheets?

A fitted sheet is elastic along the bottom of the mattress. On the other hand, pockets are elastic around the edges of the mattress. The more elastic pockets are, the snugger and more comfortable it becomes for the top mattress.

Do I require an extra-thick mattress in order to use the deep-pocket sheet?

If you’re using a standard-sized mattress, you can make use of a deep fitted sheet instead of standard sheets without any issues. It is possible to tuck the extra fabrics beneath the deep mattresses.

How can deep pocket sheet sets work on beds?

The deep fitted sheet is created to be able to accommodate thicker mattresses. Most deep-pocket sheets can accommodate mattress depths of up to 22 inches. Deep pocket sheets usually contain extra fabric for an even tighter fit. This can mean they are wider in width than the length or vice versa.

What happens if a thick pocket sheet isn’t big enough to fit my bed?

If you’ve noticed that the deep fitted sheets aren’t sufficient to cover the whole mattress, this could indicate that your mattress is too large or too thick. It is necessary to purchase a sheet with deeper pockets so it can be inserted deeper into your mattress than a normal one.

Can a deep pocket sheet work with a standard mattress?

Yes, you can find deep-fitted sheets which accommodate standard-sized mattresses.

Are there deep pocket bed sheets for all sizes of beds?

Yes. Whether you have a single, twin, twin xl, queen bed, or king-size bed, you can get an extra-deep pocket sheet set that will fit perfectly.

Do mattresses with 12 inches depth require deep fitted sheets?

A mattress of 12 inches does not require a pocket sheet. But, you may consider using one as it helps to prevent wrinkled sheets and keeps the mattress neat and clean. They also give you extra comfort to sleep at night.

How can you tell the difference between the deep pocket sheet and an extra deep pocket sheet?

There aren’t any major differences between deep pocket sheets and extra-deep sheets aside from the fact that extra-deep sheets are more suited to mattresses that are extra thick or, in the case of an over 16-inch mattress thick, have a mattress topper or protector over it.

What hues are the deep fitted sheets offered in?

Deep pockets work as regular sheets – they come in different styles and colors, allowing users to mix and blend them with the other items in their room.

How do I determine which colors I require?

All you have to know is what color you prefer – dark or light shades. The darker colors appear better when combined with darker fabrics like charcoal gray, solid black, and navy blue. However, lighter shades work well with brighter shades like cream, white, pink, orange, and so on. After you’ve identified which color scheme is best for you, it’s simple to narrow your options by pattern and print.

Are deep pocket sheet sets expensive?

Deep pocket bed sheets tend to be more expensive than regular fitted sheets. They’re typically constructed of heavier fabrics and comprised of higher thread counts. They can be purchased as a part of an entire set or as a separate item.

Where can I purchase thick pocket sheets?

Sheets that are deep pockets are generally available in sets that include two or four. You can purchase them on the internet or in shops just like you would with regular sheets and bedding.

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Conclusion: Why Use a Deep Pocket Sheet?

Deep pocket sheets make a great addition to any bed. Still, they are particularly useful on thicker mattresses or if you use any additional accessories like mattress toppers and protectors, as these add height to your mattress.

Deep pockets are one of the best features of a good fitted sheet. What makes them really special is how well they fit over thick mattresses – they give the best snuggly fit with no wrinkles whatsoever. Moreover, they are designed to work well with various types of beds. For example, some sheets come with built-in pillow tops, while others include a built-in fitted sheet.

When you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s much heavier than average, the extra space underneath your body allows you to breathe better and sleep soundly. And that’s what we all like (and deserve).

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